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Heya Mke!

How ya been – sorry I haven’t written more, busy kid.

Remember this? Your first Minneapolis show …

Oi – I needed hair. You looked great – sounded good too.

Lots been goin on! Lost the man - left the company - vhata mess.

But we get through.

And we do so in part because of the works of our friends. I was mussing through CD's tonight getting ready for the holidays and found your little treat. Ahhhhhhhhhhh a vodke grapefruit and Mikeys 'Grown Up Christmas List' - not a bad way to prep for the season.

Thanks for the best treatment Foster's peice ever got.


I grew hair -

Hope your well kiddo,


Oh yah - - sorry for the balnket - had the flu LOL


See ya in Minneapolis!

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Hey Steve!

How goes it? Hope you are feeling better since this post. Seems the crud is hitting everyone this year.

Come back more often!

Sheryl 8^)

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