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Llegó, brillo, gusto y nos enamoro... Michael Bublé en Córdoba

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It had been commented the year that I spend, that could come in August, and it remained alone in it. This way we stay waiting for it... Finally it began a new year and the rumor, news was done and later reality. Michael Buble was coming to Argentina and we had the cordobesas the opportunity to see his magnificent show in Orfeo. The chosen date was A March 22, 2012, the appointment would begin the 21.30 hs.

I come from Rosary to offer his performance in a spectacle that as it was foreseen serious of a level do not not dress before. The reality overcomes to the fiction and to the good comments, it was said that the show was something that it was necessary to attend to be able to count and this way to feign everything. At 21.35 hours approximately they entered scene Naturally7 "teloneros" of the night, with a great quality of sounds elaborated with the voice, a band without instruments, it might say, where 7 men made vibrate and thrill the public that I do not tire of applauding them and to ask for one them more. Talent where it is looked and it that still was absent the rosary bed of the dessert. Finished this show and with the very animated people, surprisingly the lights are lit, as a moment of "playtime" in order that the public recovers energies and is prepared probably. A riot of the right side of the scene, it was betraying the presence of the wife of Bublé, in this case nothing more than the actress Luisana Lopilato, that very nice greeting the spectators and prepared to sit in the middle of the orchestra, as one more, between the women's miles that they were expecting to see for the Canadian.

The lights went out ... it began such a longed show, the curtain was opened, it began the trip... The first topic " Cry me to river " and he dressed in sack and tie, since it is his style, the environment supposed that we were in another corner of the world, very far from Cordova and of the place that us tape-worm mentioned this night. All sexy, enterteining and graceful in each of the topics. From the minute zero, when he said to be The Mona Jimenez and I imitate the gesture with the hand, adding that: " I am very very happy to be here " spending for the present time in that I call the girls who showed him his flag, which not only he read but joke it brings over of her, up to the moment in which I take the photo with the two, we all other were a sea of shouts and tears, in the middle of this dream that was making real. I come " At this moment " and already it us had to all in his pocket or rather in his heart, as accomplices of this romantic madness. A total pleasure, to sit and to listen to his mouth similar interpretations, we could not believe it, a tremendous simplicity in this body done man.

When an artist of this category comes to Cordova one thinks that it is going to suffer a bit the fact of not speaking English and to understand it to the perfection, but here it was everything opposite. A bad Spanish as says he, which was not turning out to be like that but the more tender thing to that we have never listened, to hear of his lips that it was thrilled for being this his first show here and that he was sorrowing of being " a bit idiot " it performed the simplest and humble thing. Moments of many laugh and maybe the sensation of being in an intimate chat together with him and his band was wonderful, the confidence and to feel that there was not this the first time that was creating this link with the public, they were obvious from his greeting to the beginning. There happened "Crazy Love", " Haven't met you yet ", "Sway" and so many topics, that the order of them was looking like a movie done for us. Bublé is a child in body of big, with a charisma without equally, that I invite us to travel to another epoch with so beautiful songs. Particularly I closed my eyes, and imagine in the 50s entering to a show of this epoch, with him as the only protagonist and only I invited...

I encourage to show him an imitation of Michael Jackson and up to dancing a bit. I am not absent " I gotta feeling " of Black Eyes Peas. I comment that he liked The Beatles and interpret " Twist and shouts ", and the white balls appeared with the "MB" that I throw to the public, it was a real holiday. The moment so dreamed and waited for my I come, cross the track between the people and with all the sharm that characterizes it, obviously accompanied by his police officers, some musicians and the boys of Naturally7. It rose to a mini scene in the center of Orpheus, to interpret between other topics the one that so much was waiting. come "Home" and I was happy, because reality was done completely the dream of my imagination seeing it to sing live and more quite close, as if it had come to look for his me, clearly was to point candy. It followed " Save The last Should dance for me " while it was returning to the scene and they all were shouting of emotion, very nice he was trying to greet that he could touching his hands.

The end was approaching ... and the time I happen so slowly that really he enjoys every second, there was approaching the moment of " Song For You " with the particularity of which I leave the microphone and he prepared already with the closed curtain, to sing to capella ... and I finish with one I THEM LOVE, that got confused between the plaudits and the ovation. This way he said goodbye, solito in the scene approaching once again the people to touch his hands and to ignite the shouts again. That ignited the Bublemania is almost sure, and that I am more Bublerizada that before it does not discuss. Tremendous sensations, a lot of good energy and impeccable, like that it is Bublé's show, far the best show to which eh gone, far, the prettier thing that eh lived as for shows. Not you, I continue insisting, there is that clonar to this boy. I went away to undertaking the return to Cordova with Michael Buble if this way it allows it to me. It's you, it's you, You make me sing ... lalalala

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To Naty.......................Thank you for interpreting your previous post that was in Spanish..........I mean I think it was least a new

language to me...................That was a beautiful explanation of an extraordinary event..............And you did it so beautifully...........I think we got the

feeling you were trying to explain to us................I am thrilled for you...........We here in the United States have been dazzled by this boy for quite

a while...........and never get tired of hearing the exhuberance of others as they see him..............He is to us one in a Million.............I see others perform

on stage............and to me...........they try............but they simply are not Michael............He has a rhythm section inside of his body............There is a full-

blown rhumba dialogue inside of that boy that drives him...............And whalah!...........It is magic......................Thanks again.......................Gram Irene........

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