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Michael Buble - Home for Christmas on ITV

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I had been you forward so much to watching Micheal's Christmas show on ITV what seemed like for months and the wait was more than worth it. From start to finish it was simply wonderful. As a rule I'm not usually into Christmas shows but I just loved, loved, love it. He made me, roar with laughter.Then there was a couple of times he brought a tear to my eye and oh boy did he make me happy. It was like having a Christmas gift from Michael. I'd asked my mum come over so that we could watch the show together with my lovely little pooch poppy. (My mum has only really caught on over the last 12 months why I am such a big fan of Michael and now she's hooked.) I've recorded the show so that we can watch it on my laptop on Christmas day as my hubby and I are off to Prague for Christmas. Of course Michael's Christmas album will be coming along too. So thankyou Michael for the gift you gave us all with your wonderful show. This year has been a tough one for my family and I and through your music, charm and cheeky wit you've helped me much more than you could it ever know. So its with a sparkle in my eye and a soul fall of cheer I wish you, your family and your adoring fans a big Merry Christmas & a happy New Year.


Maggie x

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Hi MAGGIE. I enjoyed your lovely post very much! Michael's US

"Christmas" special on NBC will be rerun here tonight. We're

very happy about that! It was great too. I hope maybe we'll

be able (on the internet) to see the one he did for you.

Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas.

Have a nice trip, and I'm sure you'll enjoy having Michael's

recordings with you.


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