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This is my first visit & post on this site. I do enjoy a couple of his songs that I hear..I am vaguely familiar with Michael Buble..I have enjoyed some of his music that I hear randomly on TV or radio..but something clicked with me towards him this morning while I was watching him on "Live with Kelly"..I found out that as a human being he is charming, funny & most of all...a compassionate & generous person. A woman was trying to win a contest on the show & gave the wrong answer; so she lost the trip. But then, to my & most likely Kelly & the crew's amazement..Michael says "So that's it, screw that" and offers to pay out of his pocket for the woman's trip. I just felt so happy for the woman (that was sitting in a doctor's office) that it made me cry..I just found it so heartening that a famous person that said "I had a good year"..and was willing to help some random person out of the goodness of his heart. Because of this incident I am now a life long fan & will purchase his "Christmas album" even though I don't even know the name of it..My family has had a rough year & when I look at these famous & wealthy celebrities that seem to just flitter away money on useless things without seemingly any concern for people less fortunate than them, it really just makes me sick. So Michael Buble, if you ever read this or hear about it I say to you.."Well done, good job & God bless you"..."Sincerely"..Abbynormal (a new fan)

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