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The Tour In Sweden 2012

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Hi Michael.

I´ve just ordered the tickets for your show in Stockholm april 18 2012 and I´m so happy. :D

I´ve been waiting for you to come to Sweden and finally......

I´ve loved you as a singer for a long time now,you have even kicked down my favourite since 1985 (Eros Ramazzotti).

My biggest idol has been,since I was a child,Frank Sinatra(mum and dad loved him and played his records all the time.I learned how to dance to his music,my father let me stand on his feet(I was 8 months old)and we danced foxtrot.But one thing is for certain,you sing FS better than FS does.

I´m so looking forward to se you and to enjoy your wonderful voice live.

I saw you on Skavlan and you did a great job.You seem to bee such a nice guy,with a lot of humore and personality.

Take good care of yourself because we fans would like to keep you for a long,long time.

Lots of hughs and kisses to you from Ewa in Sweden.

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