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Pati Colorado

Who Else Would Love To See Michael on DWTS??**

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Who else would love to see Michael on "Dancing with the Stars"????

I have watched the show off and on....but this season I have been watching more ...and was thinking how fantastic it would be to see Michael every week on the show!!....I know dancing is not one of his stronger points- with more reason ,I would love to see him challenge himself and grow as a dancer every week.

I thought David A- was so cool and was really putting so much of himself - was such a shame to see him leave....I think for Michael like with anything new would be so exciting to see him discover new things about himself....

Anyways...anyone have any thoughts on my silly question???

I hope one season besides singing on the show...he would participate as one of the stars ***

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Ooh that would be great!!

But i have to disagree with you that he is not a dancer. I have seen quite some shows of Michael and studied his footwork.

(i have been ballroomdancing for 10 years) and i see definitely that he has the rhythym. That is essential,

the dancesteps are just something you have to learn by practising it a lot (what they absolutely do on DWTS) so it keeps in the head and about swinging the hips, i bet that a good teacher can loosen them!

Another good thing about joining DWTS is that his body will get slimmer. He might get a sixpack!B)

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