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What A Night! I STILL Haven't Met You Yet! HA HA!

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I tried to write this at 3 am when I got home last night but I was so punch drunk that it didn't make any sense. Let's try now:

1. I LOVE YOU! You are truly an amazing performer! I missed you the first time you were here because I was away doing dignified transfers @ Dover AFB (I posted about this on Tory Class's Lockerz photo page. "Home" really struck a cord with me...that was a song that a group of us at Dover really loved....that meant so much, Thank you! ). I was SO mad that I missed you! Well, it was worth the wait! I haven't felt this happy...OK, school girl giddy, in a VERY long time! And you had better keep your promise and come back! We LOVE YOU!

2. My 2 best friends had never seen you before and decided to come with me. They blown away! You made one of them (Sarah) a bit weepy when you sang "Crazy Love". It was the song she walked down the aisle to during her wedding this past June. She is currently away from her husband due to her military commitments so, you brought a little bit of him to her last night! Also, we both got a kick out of Mrs. Jones since she recently became Mrs. Jones. Me personally, I just think you are just so damn sexy when you sing it! LOL! *palm slap to forehead - Bad Girl! Married man! Married man! Stop drooling! Married Man!* My other best friend (Priscilla) came along with her husband and her last concert was...Depeche Mode! *Stop Laughing* and just simply ADORES you. She got the opportunity to shake your hand on your way back to the stage, so needless to say, you made her night!

3. Thank You for being REAL! I love your candor, the way you joke around, and the way you are just yourself on stage. You made us feel like we were just hanging out and BSing with you at a get-together. Now only if we could have had a keg or two by every row....just kidding! But seriously, I have been here for a long time and usually when we have concerts, folks just bob their heads and NEVER stand up. You can tell they want to but they don't. I'm always the weird one because I am ALWAYS dancing around and folks look at me as if I am crazy. If I like the music, I like the is too short! But when I saw the couples dancing in the aisles, I KNEW that last night was going to be great! *Thanks for the little comment about what to say to the folks who try to "shhh" you! THAT WAS CLASSIC!

OK, my dissertation is over! In conclusion ;-) I just wanted to say Thank You for all the love and a wonderful night, I Love You, Please Come Back, and take care of yourself! I'm sure touing is hard, but you need to take care of YOU!

Love, Brenda (AmarettoSweet via Twitter)

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Hi AmarettoSweet and welcome to the board!

Your post made me smile......none of us ever forget the feelings we had at our first show! I still remember that feeling of excitement.....and even after years (and a lot of shows), it's still there. But the first one is special! Glad you enjoyed it.


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