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Obsessed Bublé Fan!

ATTENTION!!!!! All Bungalo B Members!! I Have Some Questions!!!!!

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This topic is for all thes fans who are apart of Michael Bublé's fan club, Bungalo B.

I am thinking about becoming a member. So, I have some questions about some things. They have gotten some new packiges and I really want to one that has the T/ shirt and cd with the five live songs on it.

The are....

1. Everything

2. Your nobody Untile Somebody Loves You

3. Gordga On My Monde

4. Home

5. Haven't Met You Yet

I would also like to know if the membership is werth the money.

Thanks for posting.

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I think its good value for money sometimes!

mainly when he's touring and posting video messages and that but obviously when he's off the posts aren't that often. I don't blame him for that :) its just some times the forum is the only thing that has new stuff on it :)

Hope this helps :)

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