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What A Ride It Has Been

Dear Members,

For the past year I have had the privilege of owning, operating, and maintaining
for no other reason other than that I loved Michael Buble and wanted to spread his music to as many people as possible. It was the first FREE United States-based Michael Buble-only fanclub. The fact that I was able to be a part of this was a great honor in and of itself.

Within the past year I have learned so much more about Michael, had some great touring experiences, and even met a few friends along the way. However, it is hard to manage school, work, and this website. It's not fair to the Michael Buble community and I would like to offer to sell this domain/entire website to someone who loves Michael Buble and thinks he/she is up for the job of operating the most popular un-official fansite of Michael Buble.

Your privacy and security are our top priorities. Providing you with the best FREE and most useful resources on Michael Buble is next.

If you would like to make an offer for
, or have any questions or conerns, please email me at

I have posted this email on Michael Buble's official message board as well. You can view more details about the transfer of the website and what features you will obtain there.

Thanks You All,

Tommy M

Who This Is For

  • Any hardcore fan that spends hours a week looking up new photos and videos of Michael Buble, and may even write an article or review on him from time to time.

  • Someone who already currently runs a Michael Buble fansite but wants to expand/combine their audience

  • Anyone who loves Michael enough to run a website

Website Description was founded in April of 2007 by myself. Right now it is the most popular unofficial fanclub of Michael Buble (Just type "michael buble fansite" into google, and see where
) offers photos, videos, lyrics, a message board, a member sign-up feature (each user gets his/her own profile page!(
), and private messaging system to communicate with members, wallpapers, buddy icons and more!

What You Get

Complete Website Analytics Since April 2007

This analytics contains user trends, page views, unique views, bounce rate, time on site, most popular pages, top referrers, search engine statistics, location of visitor, number of pages that user views, and more.

Notice the majority of come from Search Engines. That means people who want to find out information about Michael Buble come to you! This website is Search Engine Optimized. The average time spent on the website is significantly higher than other websites, which means the user likes what he/she sees.

Note: The chart in the very beginning was before the website went active. I wanted to show you how fast the website got popular since it was launched. Also, the light blue sudden drop off near the very end of the chart shows the month of July, which is not completed yet.

How Much Are You Looking For?

I have received a few inquiries stating they would like to bid on the website, but do not know where to start. Just for your information, the hosting alone for the remaining year and the domain name combined costs roughly $120.00. I normally purchase things on what I believe they are worth even if they are sold for less. Offer what you believe the entire package is worth. Just as a reminder, this offer includes
branding the name "", that includes the Facebook Application, MySpace page, page, hosting, domain name, analytics, 300+ user base, message board, over 300+ photos and videos, and everything listed above.


I invested countless hours and hard work into making this website the best resource for fans of Michael Buble. I have paid for hosting as well as other upgrades for the website. The domain name alone is worth a lot because so many people want it. I would like to at least break even off my investment of time, love, and energy into making this website. If you are interested, shoot me an email at with your offer and why you would make a great administrator for such a well known website. Go ahead and forward any questions/comments as well.

Be sure to look around
before making your offer.

Thanks for your time!

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Wow! This is such a big offer! :o

I'd love to run Bublenation! That would be amazing! But I don't think I could buy this, at the moment anyway. :(

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