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  1. Hii Whitney,

    Heb je m'n bericht via hyves/bubléland niet ontvangen? :(


  2. Hiya

    Thanx for accepting

    I think i sent u a message on twitter!


  3. Whitney - don't know if you wrote that to you earlier BUT - it was so nice to meet you in London ! Didn't expect that I meet so many BubleHolics from this board on his concert !

    And you are so tall ! ;)

    Hugs, Olga xx

  4. This thread reached it's 200th page. Just saying.
  5. Hi Jo, Thank you!!
  6. Oh, only 5!? Let me think... Michael Bublé Mel Tormé Ella Fitzgerald Harry Connick Jr. Alicia Keys (but also Bobby Darin, Mika, Maroon 5, Luther Vandross, Robin Thicke, The Mills Brothers, Tony Bennett, Raul Midon, Jane Monheit, Erin Boheme, Marc Broussard, Adele, India Arie, Rat Pack, David Bisbal, Alain Clark etc.) Did I just cheat?
  7. Hahaha, told ya so!! Hot damn! Oh that would be lovely, an orange bow, youre too sweet. Ever kidnapped someone before? Those skills might come in handy.
  8. One good lookin guy?! He is delicious!! Do you have a box that big for shipping? Sigh...
  9. Oh Diane, thats great!! Have a fabulous time! And, since you're going to be there anyway, can't you snatch away that hunky David Foster son Brody and sent him to Holland? Thanks!
  10. hi whitney! nice to see a familiar face around the boards when ive been gone so long!



  11. Exactly! Anthony, if I were a guy, we would have such a fantastic cyber-relationship!