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  1. Greetings to all in this lovely home! It's been a while since I've last posted but just thought of you all right after watching Michael's 3rd Annual Christmas Special. Did not have the distinct honour to attend it at the live filming in Vancouver but I am very happy seeing all the beautiful smiles of guests that have enjoyed it. The mood and the music played in perfect unison and it was so appropriate ending in his rendition of Silent Night at the end of the Special. The Coast Sound Children's Choir were amazing as well and it got me interested in looking up more about them. ( And just as you would expect, they of course mentioned the Christmas Special. Whether you are covered in snow or enjoying the hot summer in the southern hemisphere, I wish you all the best this holiday season. The only thing checked off my list for Christmas preparations is certainly my music playlist -- I will be playing Michael's album non-stop. Cheers,
  2. Diane, I definitely agree that Michael needs to stay with the standards that he is best known for. Of course the market may be in need of pop songs but those tend not to last very long to really empower music's ability to capture soulful moments. The second teaser is out now too... Mary, your sons are adorable and looks like a fun time by the water! Enjoy the weekend!
  3. Hello everyone, Just got this in my inbox today and I got really excited for Michael's new music! Very upbeat.
  4. Always have to drop by for my daily check-in whenever I'm on. I agree with Diane that you presented us the best of Michael through the Daily Bublé and allowed us to know so much about him. Wishing you the best for this holiday season. Merry Christmas!
  5. Diane, oh yes, love to see Michael play around with different looks other than his usual crooner in a blazer or suit style outfit. I can't agree more, he sure looks like he fits in the nerd look. I did see the thread about our lovely Loretta. I sure will miss her. We always played the Song Association game together and smiled back for each other. The smiles will linger around, we miss you Loretta! On the contrary, we did get snow! This past Tuesday and Wednesday covered us up in a good 10-15 cm (5-6 inches). It's pretty much washed away now with the rain but there are several icy patches everywhere. Here's a picture from the Vancouver Sun (that can't be embedded): . I will inbox you my own pictures if you like! Let me know when you are back in town! The city is always empty during the holidays, people travel everywhere. Merry Christmas! And enjoy your son's birthday! Irene, I agree that it is his voice that has the power in bringing people alive with the positive spirit and energy to accomplish something they hope for, or simply uplifting the mood to feel good about yourself. A technology that has not been developed yet is a good way to put music. It sure takes time to discover certain genres or voices that has the ability to empower you. Ultimately, it is Michael's voice that draws us all together here in this home. Happy holidays! Jo, certainly a pleasure to hear from you too. I find it hard to go back and watch traditional cable TV after watching HD shows or BlueRay DVDs. Oh our greedy eyes always wanting to see the clearer picture of things. Hey, you live in a magnificent place too. Only a short drive up, so come visit often! I've never taken the Amtrak Cascades and that seems like a good scenic alternative to driving. Hugs, huge hugs!
  6. Dear Bobby D, So happy to hear from you and know that you still keep in touch with the Boards. Wish you and your family the very best!
  7. Been such a long time from the forums, yet this thread is always the home I find familiar and welcoming. Jo - Watching Michael's interviews in HD must feel so lively and real. I still get blown away switching from traditional cable tv to HD channels sometimes. Diane - Thanks for sharing the sweet story. Carly Rae Jepsen is from BC too! Her earlier works are less well known (back in her Canadian Idol days) but they are very good as well. Irene - Always good to hear from you! You're not just a little twinkle at the airport, but a bright twinkle that lights up this home here. Happy holidays too! Mary - We can always count on you to share some of the great pictures and videos. Our source of entertainment and enjoyment as always! Wish everyone a great Christmas and happy holidays!
  8. Hello everyone, Went back a few pages to catch up with what everyone's doing, it's always a pleasure to read these posts. Loretta, great that your computer is working! (I know it's a while back) I love it when you always have a huge "smile at you" ...and this one's for you. Josephine, great hearing from you as well! I wish you had a fabulous weekend too. Johanna, it sure is a lovely Sunday! Diane, Can't wait for the shows! Despite overplaying my CD (yes, I still buy physical copies) both in my stereo and on my iPod, I still enjoy every bit of that album. Different feelings evoke from the fine tunes and stunning vocals of our man...there's that spirit of "on stage, off stage", which I thought was appropriately titled for his book. There is no limitation to where the songs can take us... Have a great week! Love,
  9. Dear Irene, very very glad to hear the good news on this perfect day. Sue - He sure has a superb voice!! A big hello to all the rest of the ladies - loving the new album here too For our American friends, you probably can't wait for tomorrow!! The CD is still running in the stereo as I write to you all, I think I will go to bed and leave it on... Love you all,
  10. Thank you Bori and Daryl for your kind words. I feel deeply sorry for your daughter Irene, and I give all my strength and prayers to both your daughter and our lovely Loretta. Love you all, Allen
  11. I told myself that I must stop by on this very special occasion If only everyday could be this joyful... Love you all ~
  12. ^ very nice picture of him Irene! ====== Here's what we've been waiting for:
  13. Irene, thanks for posting that magazine page...very nice photoshoot of Michael. They missed the accent on the Bublé, oh well... Loretta, always a pleasure to read your warm messages. Don't forget that TOMORROW, Aug 22nd, we will be seeing a special preview of the new Christmas album from ! hugs everyone!
  14. Lovin' the playlist of videos going on here Irene, you should really put these favourites together in a blog or webpage
  15. Hello Diane, Shania Twain sounds great! I like her Christmas album as well. "Sing it if you know it, smoke it if you got em" One can never get sick of Michael's concerts and his humour. They are spontaneous which makes him a genius! Good luck on your chores today. ******************************************* And thanks for the vids Irene. Hugs for everyone,