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  1. Sue, so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you'll heal soon. Bets
  2. Dear Bobby D, so happy to hear that you are home & walking around....Here's to you becoming better & better Sorry The Daily Buble is closed , it was such a wonderful source for all MB info. Take care & get better & stronger. You are missed
  3. Bobby D & Mrs. D, From all of "BUBLEBABBLE" we wish you a complete recovery , so you will return. You will be in our prayers & thoughts. Mrs .D please stay strong for all of you. Your friends at "Bublebabble" Betsy P.S. I 'm sending this on behalf of our admin. Silver as he is busy with final summmer school exams.
  4. Dear Bobby D, This mornings message, left me quite saddened. My prayers are with you for a better recovery than predicted. You have brought so much pleasure to all of us & will be terribly missed. Betsy
  5. Nicole i'm confused ...does your mom's pregnamcy make you happy or sad? Loretta I want to add my prayers to all the others, in wishing for the best for your family. Need a question answered swooninggranny are you loretta or Irene , I'm just a little confused Amber & Lewis ..this is for you : I met your wonderful son in 2004 at SUNFEST in West Palm Beach , Fl. I had his titlle cd 7 was about to purchase the next one , when I got to SunFest & realized the voice & face I was hearing & seeing belonged to Michael Buble ; didn't realize that I said something to my friends loud enough for Michael to hear me & was quite embarrassed by being too loud. Michael, as only Michael can gave me what I call the Michael smile & asked me really? do you really think so? I had the oppptunity after his performance to speak with him & answer his questions : here come the answers Yes I think you very gorgeous & yes I think you've the most fabulous voice I've heard in years. Well I was right on both my answers.....his popularity proves it . Yes , I still listren to MB , some say I have an MB craze I DO, IDO .Unfortunately I missed him last time he was in s. Fl. , but I won't this time!!! I don't expect him to remember me or our conversation about his choice of music but I will never forget how this young man was so kind to soend time speaking with me , after having just performed outside on a hot evening to a crowd of people who didn't know his name. He is kind & gracious, sweet & giving and of course just vbecome more gorgeous as the yrs. pass. Thank you for giving him so much unconditional love & the capacity to understand what comes with that. You've raised a wonderful , humble & loving family & I look forward to meeting all of you at some concert in the near future. Betsy
  6. just read your chapter love it