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  1. love the photo!!

    is that u n buble??? :)

  2. Welcome to the boards!!!

    You may find that you come on more then expected!!

  3. How are ya?

    Haven't talked to you in a while....

  4. bunny thnx for the story


    come back to the boards we miss u!!

  5. gave u a 5 star rating--the juke is bangin'!! thanx for sharing it

    1. vice86


      No problem man!

  6. sam have u gone missing- or jut spring fever!!! oh no spring fever is replacing buble fever as an the medics! just missing you around here feel free to email!botts

  7. Hi Botts! I got your PM! I'll send you an email when I get home!

  8. lovet he new avatar--that is u right? supa-page!! just luv it


  9. welcome to the boards--hop u enjoy them


  10. gonna share ur name yet?? it still jsut silver for us on the boards!! the mysterious type! LOL

  11. Hey I love your personal photo...wanna go out for a drink sometime hottie....LOL!

  12. Hey Botts! I hope you don't mind I added you as a friend! Take care. Sil

  13. ok really the tiara would look sexy on you like your profile pic....see u on the boards


  14. you can call me silver.... sorry it took so long to comment back... I didn't know how! :D