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  1. looking over this forum it seems pretty much dead now
  2. Was going through old files tonight and found a pic of the Buble tickets I had for his March 2008 show at the Borgata in AC. Wow....9 darn years ago!! I really feel like I just ordered them 2-3 years ago. Joined this forum in 2007 and last post was sometime in 2009. How the heck did 8 years since my last post go by already??? Haven't been here in so long that none of my posts are even searchable anymore. I remember growing up as a kid and thinking "can't wait till i'm 16 so i can drive" and it took forever. Now life seems to be going by in the blink of an eye. Ok, sorry to be a downer...carry on lol. EDIT: I was here so long ago that DVD was one of my favorite things lol. Now its all HD streaming. I guess....."that's life"...see what I did there? el-oh-el.