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  1. Hey, gonna be checking out your forum later...

    Take Care


  2. added U as bud here as well as yr fab forum too!

  3. Hi! I'm helping out in the Bubalicious Cafe at my forum... I was wondering if there is anyway you could help with the embed code from your jukebox? :D

    1. vice86


      cripes..did I not see this the first time? 8 years later and now I see it lol. You'll probably never see this if you don't visit here anymore.

  4. hi! I added you as a friend! Thanks for mentioning my new forum on The Daily Bublé!

  5. yay! thanks for your comments!

  6. Silver, I love all the banners and avatars you made!!

    Adding you as a friend :)


  7. gonna share ur name yet?? it still jsut silver for us on the boards!! the mysterious type! LOL

  8. Hey =]

    Just wanted to say the picture in your 'About me' section is really nice!

    Thats all :)

    Nicole x

  9. you can call me silver.... sorry it took so long to comment back... I didn't know how! :D

  10. Hey Silver...I'm Caroline...your quite an active poster just wondered...what does your username stand for?

  11. added you back as a friend....btw what do we call u??