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  1. i have see the videos to, they are nice =)
  2. Oh i am happy for you that you doing good. All on the Board have miss you. Greetings from Vienna. I hope for you, you are ok =)
  3. i hope its all ok, i will pray for you. thank you for all the moments that you send with us on the board.
  4. Mon greets from vienna i miss the evenings in msn =DDD

    hahah our friend lisa from vienna

  5. omg the tickets are so nice i hope one day i had my ticket in my hand and i have dream to hold this one in my hand and cry for luck but i am not so a lucky girl but maybe next year
  6. hello i know thats a long time ago that i wrote in this thread but i must tell the beautiful moments with michael that i have in the last time i have get a calendar they looks great ^^ and i am the part of a very beautiful project and thats doppel great but a little bit sad is the moment for me that the dvd that came in nov david foster and friends thats not good for me i had very hopes a little bit of michael see and thats new stuff for me but thats oke i hope others have fun with that maybe i found later when its out over youtube
  7. 1- Matt Dusk my favorite singer ever i was on a concert from him and he is great 2- Josh Groban i had his live dvd and he is a phenomen 3- Michael Buble i like his music 4- Leon Jackson when you believe is a great song 5- David Cook he looks cute
  8. hello of all in this thread can anybody help me to get a shirt from michael i had no chance to became anyone in austira please its my greatest wish after meet michael
  9. hello i make a very lovley graphic for michael i know they is not good but i make this with a lot of heart
  10. hello i make sweet graphics from michael i post this and i work very hard for every minute i will do work for this forum but i had this feeling i am alone i dont know my english is not very good and its very hard for me to all understand the words in this forum but this forum are very great and so many nice peoble in this
  11. i hear that i was so angry over james blunt michael is the best
  12. helllooooooooooo girls in the magical bus my boyfriend comes this week back my heart makes a little happpyyyy jump
  13. hello all i see the very nice pics from michael and my heart was very happy about that so lovely pics and my boyfriend wrote a sms from germany to me this makes my heart happy and i smile at the morning my day began great
  14. wow great words but i think my heart was in the next week broken or i was a dummy michael is great lovley and me and mrs jones is the situation my boyfriend and me
  15. hello girls the pics from michael and emily are nice this wakes memories on my boyfriend omg i feel me so lost
  16. hi magical girls in the magical bus its very hard for me i had a very sad time and my heart was broken inside i lost me and my creative i had no wish inside me no hope of the future my heart was broken and my dreams a hole inside
  17. oh a lovely picture from michael omg i hope i see him live omg omg
  18. hello greets from vienna


  19. hello lady in the magical bus i had see the photos from michael surfed sooo lovely ^^ thanks for sharing this make my days a little bit better and i hope that i see him in real but my hope goes away ^ the peoble in canada must are very happy to see michael =(
  20. hello my friends in the magical bus ^^ i send love greets from vienna to all i wrote a new poem for michael i hear song from radio, its was smooth, and warm i feel me good inside the voice brings joy and hope to me, i was alone, and i feel lost but the voice sings cause you are not alone the words came in my heart with joy and i see outside my window i am not alone i began to laugh i cant cry i feel me good this is inspierd by the song lost ^^ this is for all in this thread thanks from the little light from the forum ^^
  21. Oh hello ladys in the magical bus i had wrote a funny story about michael and i post this on the forum its not bad i wrote this with a warm heart
  22. i send all in this forum and in this thread a happy new year greets from vienna
  23. Hello i send

    greets to Uk

    from vienna

  24. Oh i said hello and i hope all had christmas days and holidays and i sayd happy new year^^
  25. i hope all had a very christmas here and a party with a lot of presents but the very best gift on world is a person that you love my person is not by me shes in heaven and i say to all in this thread loved your family but the time is short very short we had a lil time on earth and this time is to make time with friends and family and the very best person in our life these words are from the little light of this forum ELISABETH