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  1. Indeed, it is a very sad time in Bubbleland. Bobby D., you are one of the nicest, most genuine gentleman I've ever come across. You were always there for me, and for everyone here. I can remember when the board was very young, and I would have a sleepless night over one thing or another, and there we would be...me at 3am and you at 5pm, chatting away on MSN, swapping music clips trying to outdo each other on who had the best music collection, and geniunely having a hell of a time. There's really nothing left to say except that in life, there is hope...and my hope and prayer is for you to be well again, to walk into your home and take care of Mrs D and Sammy. Much love, my Aussie pal.
  2. I was just thinking of the NYC boardies as I will be there in a few weeks. :) Lovely meeting you at the album release party, thanks for being so kind to me and my mom!


  3. First comment to the Wizard of Oz: I adore you!

  4. Tell me "Quando, Quando When?

  5. quote: Originally posted by irene hope:Loca Lola..... Con Churros chocolate?....Surely that must mean some lovely chocolate Mints?... Surely!....Gram No, it's Churros con chocolate! They are two separate things which go great together!
  6. quote: Originally posted by irene hope:Vegi...... I don't know what Boricua had in mind ......But I understood it was about Michael and Mrs. Jones having tea and crumpets And meeting at the cafe.....I make some mean crumpets..... And tea is a breeze.....And MIchael is such a tease....Sounds innocent to me...Puleeze! ....Geez!..Louise!........Yo! La Boricua is a hot latina! I KNOW she wants more than tea and crumpets! Boricua, maybe some "churros con chocolate"?
  7. quote: Originally posted by irene hope:Listen Miss Smarty Pants Vegi....Who is going to the Ball and leaving one seasoned frumpy she-person home panting with her tongue hanging out catching flies... Ya ain't frumpy by any means, lady...you is one hot mamma!
  8. That biatch! She borrowed it from you and didn't return it! Well, you'll just have to pick up on her new man Sasha Cohen...he's pretty cute, actually!
  9. Come on Vegi! Break out the flash-trash outfit! I can just see you in back-seamed fishnets, a black palette miniskirt, extremely high F-me pumps and a blouse cut down to your navel!
  10. Yes, I totally agree with what you say, Josephine. Vegi is extremely informative on a myriad of subjects. I've learned a lot from her over the years.
  11. You're much too cute, Anthony! Can I be your Auntie!
  12. quote: Originally posted by Aly-Rae: quote: Originally posted by musicmatters:Vegi, Who are you to tell everyone what to think and how to act? I don't care what you do in the "entertainment business". That doesn't give you the right to be so judgmental. EVERYONE has a right to their opinion. I have seen your vicious posts on other threads and was hoping you wouldn'ttarnish Irene's lovely thread. No one means any harm, but they just giving their opinions. I thought this board and this country were based on free speech........or am I incorrect? We are entitled to our opinions as are you, but that doesn't mean you should bash anyone that doesn't agree with you, so please knock it off. This is a loving and kind thread, always has been and always will be. Please don't ruin it. Did I miss something...I didn't hear any bashing. Vegi has been nothing but sweet and kind and respectful to our dear Irene. I think she was simply stating that the recording company has done some really good things. And I agree they have but my point is that they are missing the mark by not broadcasting the awards for the real music (IMO) and honoring the true genius, and quite popular, genre that Michael and Tony were nominated for. But what am I saying Vegi. You don't need lil' ol' me to defend you. I was as bewildered as you, Aly-Rae. Thought I was in the twilight zone for a few minutes! Anyway, you're right, Vegi doesn't need lil' ol' anyone to defend her...especially in this case, where she was blatantly attcked for doing absolutely nothing off color. There is no defense needed...it's out there in black and white! Musicmatters: I'm surprised by this, really. You came to this board because you felt that the Bungalow was a war zone at times...yet you just made a mad dash to Vegi when she was only making a very valid (and NON-judgemental!) statement about the Academy and its practices?
  13. Although I've read the reports on this thread, I have not seen the show, but I do know the woman...and although I usually don't like to comment on who and what I know intimately, I do feel that I'd like to set the record straight so that there are no derogatory assumptions being made. Emily is ultra-secure in herself and in her relationship. She is mature far beyond her years, so much so that when you speak to her, you become a bit awestruck as to how grounded, levelheaded and pragmatic she is...not to mention extremely witty and warmhearted. Some of the posters on this subject feel that maybe her comment about "women pushing her out of the way to get to Michael" stems from some sort of jealousy towards the female fans. That is a line of thinking which is way out of the stratosphere! Despite her rather young age, Emily is a well-seasoned professional who knows that that comes with the territory. She has no problem with her man speaking with the fans, with the fans approaching him, taking pictures together, etc. But there's a way to do it, and THAT's probably what she was talking about! "Women pushing" is something which is downright annoying and rude...and if Emily expressed her exasperation over such behavior, she is fully entitled. Fans have to realize that although the celebrity expects that attention will be shown towards them, that there is a time, a place and a respectful and controlled manner in which to do it...ie., when they are "working", such as at a signing (wait your place in line and don't push towards the front,) or after a show (if the celebrity is giving out autographs, again, wait your place in line). When they are NOT working, you really shouldn't bother them! For instance, if you see someone walking down the street, DON'T run up and start making a fuss and calling attention to them; that is totally cringeworthy...what they appreciate more is a simple little smile, or maybe a wink, or even a little SUBTLE "hey, how are you", and then walk on...leave them alone and just let them be themselves. If you ever see someone in a restaurant, the worst thing you could do is to interrupt their dinner. Michael happens to be extremely gracious with his fans; other celebrities are not quite as forthcoming...but maybe it's because those who have been in this game for a longer period of time are just fed up with constantly being interrupted by people they don't know! I'm sure that there are times when...behind that dazzling smile and warm feeling Mr. Buble gives to the fans...there is a voice inside saying, "Why don't they just let me be!?" They are people, just like you and me...so, yeah, I can imagine that it would be quite annoying to constantly be interrupted, ogled or imposed upon when you are just trying to live your life and have a walk, a quiet dinner...or to just escort your girlfriend to a "safe haven" after the show is over.
  14. Boricua, I swear I have tears in my eyes reading about your last moments with your dog. How sad! It's terrible to lose a pet...I remember when I had to put my dog "Bubbles" to sleep (when I was about 20 years old). I cried my heart out for days.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Rita2: I don't know if there is an exact translation, Boricua would know better...but it means something like "The Day That You Love Me" or "The Day That You Want Me". It's really a BEAUTIFUL song...and, yes, Mr. Buble would do it proud but ONLY sung in Spanish please(!)...I don't feel that this song is one that should be translated to English. Boricua: Good pick!