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  1. I haven't been on here for quite a while. I do follow this thread from time to time though. Wishing you all a very lovely day! I wish you love! Joanied
  2. Thanks Daryl...That is the best news that I have heard all week. Thanks for letting us know and I am so happy for Bobby and the whole family...getting to come home is wonderful. I'm still keeping him in my prayers! Joanie
  3. Mary...Thank you so much for the reviews from Dublin...I have been waiting for someone to post them. I bet Michael is on 'Cloud 20' today after two fantastic shows in Ireland!!! What a thrill. I am over the moon with such joy for him. He has shown the world that he is here to stay!! Little did I know when I first saw him on TV many years ago (I think 7) that it would come to this...50,000 fans both nights. We all love him so and we wish him the best of everything....he so deserves all the praises he is getting. Mary...thank you once again! Joanie
  4. Oh Mary!!!!! Those eyes...WOW. Such peaceful and beautiful dreams I will have tonight!!! Thank you so much.... Joanie
  5. Diane...It is good to see you back. You have a long journey ahead but the memories of your mom will always be with you along the way. I was very close to my mom too. It will be 20 years ago Oct. 1st that I lost my mom to cancer and I still think of her every day and miss her terribly. I wish you the best. As you said it would be nice to see Michael and Lu do a duet. How cute that would be!! She is so talented...I didn't know she could sing...I thought she was only an actress. Michael has found a very special gal. I love them together!! Take care...Joanie
  6. Thanks for sharing the video of Luisana from when she was very young. What a beautiful girl she was then and such a great little actress. So wonder they love her so much in Argentina. I wonder who that cute little blue-eyed boy was with her..he's a cutie too. So funny when he tried to kiss her. Thanks again for sharing with us. Joanie
  7. Irene....I love that saying about the cute!! Now I am off to work....Everyone have a wonderful day. Joanie
  8. Gachy.....I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning but I just watched the two videos and they made my day!!! Those are such cute videos....actually they are amazing! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Now I will smile the whole day through. Joanie
  9. Hello to all! First of all I want to send out my condolences to Diane on the loss of her mother. Like Irene said we are all here for you. I am sending you a big cyber hug. May all the sweet memories you have help to ease you pain. We love you Diane. Please take care. I was at the Las Vegas show too but I didn't get back home until very late on Sunday and then back to work on Monday and Tuesday...I've hardly had time to catch my I get older I don't bounce back as fast as I used too. As Anu said the show was wonderful. Can he do a bad show...I doubt it!! He is becoming quite the comedian...he is so quick with his humor...I love it. I had floor seats but they were in the back so when they brought the 'B' stage out I was fortunate to get right up there to the front and got to touch hand...actually he grabbed my hand...that was a thrill!!! I saw grandpa Mitch and Lewis when the spotlight went on them...grandpa waving his arms high in the cute and Lewis sitting right next to him. I didn't get to see Lu. I knew she had to be there somewhere but I was too far away to see the rest of the group. When Michael and Naturally7 sang Stardust for G. Mitch it was so beautiful. We were all so fortunate to get to hear him sing it for this show. Michael is so handsome and he had on a beautiful gray suit and a gorgeous striped gray tie...I couldn't quit looking at it...ahhh so handsome!!. Naturally7 was also very good. What a great bunch of guys! I bought there new CD that will be coming out soon but we could buy it that night. Michael does a song with them on it. After I bought the CD I went through the line and they all signed it and each one talked to everyone who came through the line....and a long line it was! Such nice guys and I am so happy that good things are coming their way. May God bless them always. They are such a nice addition to Michael's show...he's also very fortunate to have them too. I really can't think of much more. I am always on an MB high for weeks after I see one of his shows...there is always something special to remember...I am so happy that he came along in my lifetime...can't really think of who else has impressed me so much!! Irene...what you said about Luciana and Michael together was beautiful. I have said before I see such joy in his eyes...he seems very happy and content. They are such a handsome couple....can't wait for the little Lucianas and Michaels to develop from this...they are going to be so cute!! Everyone take care. I wishing you all joy and happiness. Joanie
  10. Dear Loretta.. I am so sorry to hear about Dean. I am sending you cyber hugs to you and I hope you can feel them wrapped tightly around you. No words can make this time any easier but as you know we are all here for you and we all care about you. May all of the sweet memories get you through this difficult journey. God bless you. Joanie Gram Irene...Thank you for letting us know about Loretta. We all appreciate it. Joanie
  11. Irene....I am sending you my 'thank you' also for letting us know about Dean. I am so sorry to hear about this and I know that Loretta is going through a very difficult time. She probably won't get a chance to read all of our little 'notes' to her so please when you speak with her let her know that we are saying prayers for her and we are keeping her in our thoughts. I have a feeling that she probably already knows how much she is loved at this 'Home' of ours. Please keep us informed about Loretta. We really do appreciate. My love to all of you....Joanie
  12. Mary...You had such a beautiful dream and such a precious one to be in it..your sweet Julian. I'm happy that you are feeling better after you fall. You take care of yourself. Joanie
  13. Thank you Vegi for the update on BobbyD. We all appreciate it so much! Everyone...No matter which religion you practice prayer is a powerful thing. Let's all keep Bobby D and his family in our thoughts and prayers. I know they are in mine. Have a wonderful day everyone and a great week ahead. Joanie
  14. I am so saddened to hear about our BobbyD. He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers. He is such a wonderful person and we have been very fortunate to have had him. May God bless his entire family. Joanie
  15. Hey Joanie! Haven't heard from you in ages! My MB concert is only 10 days away!! How was the one in Columbus? Or have you been to it yet? Anyhow, hope all is well. I'll send you an email soon (I was cleaning out my inbox and found your post from....I dunno, June?? Hugs, Doris