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  1. WELCOME HOME BOBBY D ! So glad to hear you have made it there....sleeping in your own bed, Mrs D ,Sammy.... will get you going...miss you bunches...much love, Wendy
  2. Just woke up....thinking of you, hope you are doing better. The good thoughts and prayers are still being sent your way. I hope Mrs. D is getting some rest, I'm sure the worry and stress on you are huge. You are missed my friends...Much love, Wendy P.S. Vera,Tina,any update???
  3. Dear Bobby D and Mrs.D. ....Saturday night here, another week ends... I was just thinking of you and just wanted you both to know you were still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope each day is giving you something to see as a step forward.... we are all praying for that...steps,whether they are large or small will get us to our have you back with Mrs.D and here with us. After seeing all the things you have done to bring us together on here, and the Daily Buble that truly is everything about Michael's career I know you can do anything! Hang in there buddy... I miss you! Love,hugs,good wishes and prayers continue to be sent your way... Love, Wendy
  4. Vera and Mrs D thank you so much for the up date..... Bobby D has not left my thoughts since the news. I know others share the same feelings...there's this huge empty spot left here. Michael has started another leg of his tour and I have found myself doing my usual thing, which is to go to The Daily Buble to see the morning news....and it hits all over again.What a huge part he plays in Michael's career. I wish Australia wasn't on the other side of the would be nice to visit BobbyD when he is ready and to do some nice things for both remain in my thoughts and prayers...give him a hug from me... take care of your self....hope to hear from you soon... Much love, Wendy
  5. Just wondering if there is any news about our buddy.... Wendy
  6. Thought I would share this with you all, it is Buble related, he's in the Buble road family.He's going through something with his Mom similiar to what Bobby D is going through right now...please read about it,the sources,and out come. Craig Britain is Michael's sound engineer and audio technician, that big monster of a machine is his,he's from Canada also. He writes a wonderful blog.(I love reading these blogs)...his Mom suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage on the right side of her brain, he left the show to stay with her....his writing is beautiful, the feeling he's going through are expressed beautifully... please read it,he's a great guy! Wendy
  7. Vegi....thank you so much for that update. Any improvement each day is a positive step forward! That's something to give thanks for...small, or even just stable...all good signs, and those are needed right now...there's a long road ahead. A bit of Bobby D history if I can remember it correct ( guess I could go check the old emails)...He and Mrs.D were in a record/music store many years ago and heard this guy singing, they asked and were told it was a new artist named Michael Buble, they bought his Cd and as they say the rest is history....lucky shopping day for us! Bobby D has put his many computer skills ( his real life job) to work for's his "hobby",all his...what he has done has brought us all together and as Michael has moved up front and center,The DailyBuble, and Bobby D's attention to this board can not be denied,his high standards keep this a classy place. I'm sure his skills have made it an easy job for Tina to step into till HE RETURNS.... and I do believe that day will come... Miss you big guy... Wendy
  8. Has anyone talked any more to Mrs D? ...I know we certainly don't want to intrude,I think I speak for many,please let her know we are still sending hope,love and prayers for Bobby D and his family as they go through this....I do hope the old saying "no news is good news" is true and a good sign.... Wendy
  9. Yes I agree, thanks for moving everything together for us, makes it so much easier to read's easy to see the love for him when you read these...besides being Michael's #1 fan,he's everyones best friend, truly....he's our best buddy...I hope tomorrow bring some good news. Wendy
  10. Dear Bobby D and Mrs.D, I am in total shock,can't stop crying,please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I so hope you will be able to recover, modern medicine can do wonders....I had two Skype's from you just a few days wish I had been home to chat. I cherish our friendship, all the many emails we have shared over the years....even the Buble concerts won't be the same without your messages to me... take care,get well, you've got it in you to do this...our happiest day will be when you can rejoin the BubleNation that you built. We'll be here till you do... Much much love, Wendy
  11. Thanks D...will go there too...Wendy
  12. ...I can'T stop crying...I'm praying for him.... Much, much love BobbyD, Mrs D and Sammy Davis JR...none of this will be the same without you... Hugs, Wendy
  13. Is loving Crazy Love!