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  1. Thank you, Pati! I've banned them. :-)
  2. FYI, I just did a major clean up of spammers and banned a bunch. Please continue to send us the offenders!
  3. I get the report emails, and that's the best way to get us to spring into action.
  4. Sorry, Pati! Think we got rid of her now.
  5. Thanks, Ladies for the warm thoughts and prayers. We have evacuated to Mississippi (Jackson) and will see what Mother Nature hands us all over again... We really appreciate your concern and I will try and keep you updated as much as I can. I think I'll go listen to Michael sing 'That's Life'...seems like my new mantra...haha Jen
  6. Heya Becky :) Just leaving you some love!

  7. Tell me "Quando, Quando When?

  8. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Miss Amber and Moms of the message board!!! May it be filled with fun family times and laughter
  9. Hello Ladies!! Just wanted to drop in and say 'hello' and wish you all a very happy weekend! I miss talking with all of you and hope that will change now that I'm back on the board Can't wait for the tour and the opportunity to meet more of you this time around!! Take care!
  10. Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!!!! And of course, that includes you, Miss Amber I hope you each have a very special day Here is a big hug from me to each of you {{{{HUGGGGG}}}}}} Jen
  11. Cristina, I wish you all the best on your life journey and I'll be praying for you!! Gals, I hope all of you are doing well; I've missed reading your beautiful posts! I've been out because I threw my back out moving boxes...I'm all better now though! Much love and warm thoughts to y'all, Jen
  12. Internet 'Hugs" to all in celebration of Michael's HUGE night!!!! I have shed tears of joy this evening because Michael has chased his dreams and succeeded Congratulations on a job well done, my friend! Keep up the fantastic work Congrats, Miss Amber! Your boy has 'done good' HUGS and KISSES all around!!!
  13. Irene!!! Your post was lovely I'm so glad you had a rockin' time! There was no doubt in my mind you would have a blast! Welcome to the after concert bliss
  14. Irene, I hope you had a fantastic time tonight!! I certainly enjoyed my 2 shows this weekend Can't wait to hear all about it! I absolutely LOVE your post about Varga. I'm going to be published this weekend with my editorial, so I hope it will help. Johanne, I am deeply sorry for your losses, and hope that time will heal your pain my friend. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you as well. Thank you for the beautiful poem about moms. My Mom is my best friend Hello to everyone else! Much love!
  15. Oh Melissa! That was beautiful and so true! I feel the same way I also believe I will find him