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  1. This is absolutely wonderful know you are improving so much Bobby D. Happy New Year to you and Mrs D Thanks so much for passing on the good news Mrs D
  2. That's fabulous news that you're coming home Bobby D....and in time for your Birthday! All the best.
  3. Hey girl, long time no twalk! How's it going?

  4. Hi All, Irene, I laughed and laughed when I read your grandaughter's poem.....because my mum's recently gone computer and she's 87 !! it struck a chord with me. She goes on a scrabble site every evening and they get to message their opponents. If we're lucky we get an email from her sometimes Laguna
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes!



  6. Just dropping by to say hi. Hope all is well....oh I see you also love DC and Josh Groban. Talk soon.


  7. Irene, I just dropped in to read your Salt Lake review and it was very moving. I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the concert and the people of Salt Lake gave Michael such a tremendous reception. It's thrilling that the CD and now the tour have got off to such a fabulous start. We can all look forward to many more exciting times to come. Thanks and all the best Laguna
  8. Dear Irene, I don't visit this thread much but I notice you are a little worried about the reasons for reformatting the board. I'm not one in the know,of course but it was my impression it was just a way of expanding the prepare for an influx of more people with Michael's new CD release and tour. If you are expecting your family to get bigger, you want more rooms in your house, right! So more people have a chance to do what suits them. I'm sure that's all it is so you shouldn't worry about it for one more second. Just keep being yourself! Love Laguna
  9. quote: GRANNYS NO LONGER JUST SIT IN A ROCKING CHAIR, WE ARE TOO BUSY ROCKIN WITH BUBLE OMG! That quote of yours is a classic Loretta! I hardly ever come to this thread but I'm glad I came today to see that. Laguna
  10. Hi Irene and everyone else, I haven't posted on this thread for a long time but I knew you were going to the Salt Lake concert Irene and I wanted to read your review(s). Your certainly didn't let us down! Thankyou for telling us what the concert was REALLY like. A nice change after reading some of those critics who wrote things so ridiculous they were laughable. Good for the people of your city for giving Michael the extraordinary reception he deserves. I'm glad you had the BEST time. Love to all Laguna (Christine)
  11. That was funny Susie and very true. I give credit to Andy Rooney for being so observant and appreciative of mature aged women.
  12. Dear Irene, I loved your last post about family. We had a hard day yesterday but it has picked me up this morning talking to some people on the board. My youngest daughter had all her wisdom teeth out yesterday. She was very scared but her big sister came along and held her hand, stayed with her while they anaesthetised her, went in again during her recovery and stayed at our place all day looking after her. She made her lots of ice cubes for her face, bought her lots of soft food at the shop and a huge jigsaw to keep her amused. I have spent a lot of time worrying that we have not been as good a family as we could have been but yesterday I was really proud and thought I must have done at least something right. Loretta, I hope you get better real soon! Hi to every one else on this thread.
  13. Very true and wise words Irene. I wish we got such good advice from our Doctors. Your mental health affects your physical health and vice versa so you need to spend time looking after both. Your mind is obviously very bright Irene. A couple of weeks ago I visited my uncle in an old people's home. It was New Zealand Day and they were having a concert put on by some NZ people so we stayed and watched with my uncle. Just amateur entertainers but it was fabulous. The lady who organized the concert was called the 'diversional therapist' for the home. It made me think...MB is a bit like a diversional therapist. We spend so much time thinking about things like his beautiful music and concerts and all the love involved, it gives us less time to think about the bad things in the world like hate and crime and wars. Speaking of keeping your mind mum is 85 years old and plays piano accompaniments for singers and instrumentalists who entertain senior citizens all round our city. She does an average on one concert a week. On the rare occasion she can't come the pianist who fills in for her is in her mid 90s!! and an even better pianist!! Oh...the writing bug on this thread is contagious and I think I've caught it. I better sign off and go and do some housework. Love to all.
  14. Thanks for opening your heart to us once again Irene and sharing your beautiful experience...meeting so many people that you love so much in a couple of days...No wonder you were overwhelmed with emotion! I hope you get much happiness from you memories of that special time.
  15. Thanks for part 2 Irene! I will definately be tuning in for the next episode. You have such a gift for expressing your emotions and we all benefit from it.