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  1. Hi Jeane Yes, since the board upgrade it appears that comments that are being replied to don't show up (unless you run your cursor over the 'white area' and then you can see them. Hopefully these small issues will get ironed out......I know that eTina is already aware of this particular issue.
  2. Hi Pati There were 3 threads relating to Bobby D and I have merged all of them together, so nobody's comments should be lost. The only ones I have not merged are the ones on the 'Mom Bublé' thread. Regards
  3. Hi all Thanks for all your wonderful messages of support for Bobby D and his family. I know they will appreciate your words. I've tidied up a little and moved all your posts to the same thread, easier for all our members to read if they are in one place.
  4. I miss you, a fact that is plain and simple. :)