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  1. Thank you, thank you!! I was here, across the pond, with my you know what all tangled just thinking about your adventure. Michael, my excuses to all the beautiful ladies in your life...but did you ever imagine that your journey would take you to this moment in time with such awesome and beautiful ladies. That honorary grandma of yours can hold her own!!! Thank you for appreciating your most loving fan. One sweet lady, Loretta, is winking at you and the special person that made this possible. Wendy thanks so much for the pics. Am going to repeat myself...BEAUTIFUL LADIES, INDEED!!! GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. God bless!!
  2. As we say in Boricua style....Weeeeeppppaaaa! Am so happy for our dear Irene. Although am not posting I usually come and read. Irene doesn´t know it but I too have been counting down the days. Oh dear, the White Coats will have extra thing is Irene (they are used to dealing with her), but now Irene´s daughters and Wendy! They are going to demand a raise plus a large amount of paper bags, hahahahaha. Irene you have to promise me something...look at those precious green eyes, those beautiful eyelashes and in your heart give a shout out to Loretta. God, she must be so happy now, smiling down on you. Remember your breathing technique, you will be fine. Love ya´, God bless. Note: Thanks to the special angel that took his or her time to make this day a very special one for Irene.
  3. Wooohooooo, indeed. Jumping with joy! Congrats, Irene and Wendy. If anybody deserves to be in front row its you Irene. Jo and Loretta are smiling down on us!
  4. Greg, please feel our love embracing you and your family. Your mom was a great friend, a great asset to this HOME of ours. Most of all, she was a great mom who never ceased to, oh so proudly, share her love for you, her son. We used to go back and forth, one proud Mom to another proud Mom. She was always so caring and without thinking twice she would be in the front line, so to speak, whenever anyone was in need of a special hug or encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing her with us. She will truly be miss but I know we will always feel her presence here in our hearts and in this special HOME that brought us together. Take it one day at a time, never easy, but you will find peace in your memories. She will always be with you and when your heart gets to that special place of peace and acceptance go to a quiet place, listen to the music she so much enjoyed and you will feel her embrace. As Marleen said...two great ladies...Now our beloved Loretta has joined hands with Josephine and both are smiling down on us. God bless!!!
  5. As Mary says, we truly miss you my friend. Happy Holidays! Sending you, Ms. D and Sammy my best wishes wrapped with a big warm hug. God bless!
  6. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!! May the Baby Jesus bring you much health, love, laughter and much needed PEACE!! From this corner of the Caribbean sending all my love. Pssst...I see you Loretta... smiling down on us with that special twinkle in your eyes. Hugs!!
  7. My dearest Bobby am beyond happy to hear from you. Cindy called me last night and told me about your post. I so miss our Skype! Yep, and still have issues with my gardener and all the noise. LOL! Although I have been a bit silent lately I try to get in touch with Daryl and see how you and Ms. D are doing. I may not reach out to you but you and Ms. D are constantly in my prayers. How can anyone not have our very own Mr. Booby (Loretta is smiling down on you) in our hearts and prayers? Its been a crazy year for me but now approaching a new one all I can say is thank you Lord for my blessings. I have a special angel smiling down on me and another one present in my life. AM A GRANDMA!! Now am really getting! Sending you all my love and grattitude for your friendship and your presence in my life. Wishing you, Ms. D and Sammy all the best. Love ya'
  8. Thanks Irene!! More than ever did I need your enlightment, your wise words have made my grieving less painful. SwoonyGranny smiling at us!
  9. Nighty, night...SwooningGranny smiling at you! Ok Loretta, I know...I to go to my Naughty Corner...lets share this as Partners in Crime. In your honor the board is yours!! and Mr. Gorgeous Eyelashes can wait in line.
  10. With my heart broken in many pieces I have let you all know that our dear Loretta has passed away. Her son and daughters want to thank all of you for your kindness and prayers. Fly away my dear friend, fly...I will watch for you and I will always see you waving your heart out from the stars, or will you be roaring up Irene's Harley...or just swoon to your Hero of Song, so very proud in your sexy red stilletoes... May God bless your soul. You gave us the best gift you had to offer...YOUR HEART AND SOUL. so thankful for having you as a friend. These past seven years of sharing our lives have been the best. I will always miss my Partner in Crime but I know you will always be close by. Thanks for sharing my wicked humor and now my Naughty Corner has a void... Fly away...sway...swoon...and keep smiling for us. Love ya' my dear "Cheerio", your Golden Balls forever! Nighty, night... Michael, Mom Amber, how can we ever thank you for being the reason that brought our dear Loretta into our lives. Mom Amber, please tell Louis..."SwoonyGranny, smiling at you".
  11. I have tried and tried to come on board but had to take my time. Visiting "HOME" with a heavy heart isn't easy. May God be with you my dear Loretta, my partner in crime...
  12. Hi all! Am like Loretta at this moment...jumping up and down with happy feet. MARY IS OK!!! It's been one hell of a month, getting home and running to my laptop to see my emails hoping and praying to see a message from our dear Mary. MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED...she is alright. She has been without internet or phone service since late April. Can you believe this. Some vandals robbed some cables then there was a tornado...yep, a tornado that took its toll on some of these services. To make it worst now at her office they don't have internet. Poor girl, she knew we all would be beyond worried so she walked a bit and located a Cyber Cafe and sent me an email today. First thing she asked for was a big favor, if she had to ask. She wants all of you to know that she is ok, thinking about you all and sending her love. She knew we would be at our witts end. At this moment she does not know when she will be able to get in touch again but I will keep on trying until her dang phone works, hahaha. Love ya all, thanks for your prayers. We sure do stick together...
  13. Hi everyone. Thanks for trying to reach Mary. I still have not been able to reach her by phone. I even wrote a PM to another Argentinian fan and friend asking for help but she also hasn't replied. It could very well be a wide spread problem with phone and internet connections cause the last time I heard from Mary she did tell me that it seemed to be in a large area of Buenos Aires. Probably in the next day or two I will take drastic measures...will try to reach here in PR Argentina's consul and see if I can get the phone number of Mary's office. I will keep in touch and if by any chance anybody hears from her...PLEASE LET US KNOW.
  14. Its me again. Just got an idea. If by any chance any of you can get on Facebook (I don't dwell in those social networks) see if you can find her and contact her. Thanks1
  15. SOS!!! Hi everyone. Has anybody heard from our dear Mary? I have been trying to reach her but nothing cell, home and by email and she still is AWOL. It's been almost a month and am worried sick. I know she had connection problems but she would keep in touch from work. Just a quick hi to let me know she was ok so that's why am really worried. I will be checking on the board to see if anybody gets in touch. Thanks so much...probably am just worring too much and all is well.