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  1. SerenyaG, Are you still talking with Kate (Kate from Cornwall)? It's been like forever that she's been on here. I hope she's doing ok. How are you doing? I've lost touch with some on here, but then some still keep in touch with. Wishing you well, post soon! ♥ Diane~
  2. Well, I've been away too long~ I hope you all are doing fine. Mary, Marlene, Pati,I get to speak with you once in a while on FB. I miss Irene. I did speak with her daugher-in-law a while back and she tells me that Irene is doing ok. I don't know why she doesn't post anymore though. I was hoping we'd hear from her. Just like to say, Irene, I miss you and your lovely posts. You always made me think about life and purpose in life. Very inspiring posts. I so do hope all is well with you. Think of you often~ Take care Hugs, ♥♥♥
  3. Missing this place Very much~ social media is really hard to keep up with. Too many sites to follow. Irene, Where have you gone? Hoping all is well for you. Miss the old days on this site. Miss reading your posts and the fun and laughs we all had. Mary, How's our Irene doing? Can you let me know please? Thank You! xxxooo
  4. Adrian, I do think Michael wrote this, but I don't know for certain. I'd like to know myself. Love that song as well. If you find out let me know too thanks
  5. Congrats Marlene~ December will be my 11 year! Always and forever a fan ~
  6. Hey Pati~ Yes, this is where it all started remember~ I can remember back when Michael posted himself here more than a few times! So excited I was! His mom posted a few times as well. She had some great posts. Loved hearing from her. Remember the great pics of him and the family when they were small. Some real treasures back then. With Michael off tour now, it's going to be a long dry spell now before we see him again, with him getting another album together, maaaybe doing a movie huh?! He's with Lu now following her around and she's now doing a movie an American movie from what I read on his Insta. Pretty exciting life they are leading. We maayy even hear news of another little one yet to come. You hear all sorts of things and it may just be rumors. It would be lovely though. Especially a little girl now! Well, Take care Pati~ always love coming back here to visit. It just isn't the same though. I surely do miss Loretta and her wonderful posts. I don't see Irene posting much, and Mary is there, but not as often either, like me. How thinigs change. One thing.always though, we all love Michael and how we've been able to see him come into a wonderful fulfilling career. How lucky he is, and you don't have to tell him. He surely does know it and is thankful to his fans for getting him to where he is. Of course, his talent got him there but we certainly did help him along. Your talent is only as good as the fans buying your work. I think I helped him buy one of his houses!! nah,~~ just kiddin' So happy he shares his life with us with pictures and videos. He's great! Love to you and be well~ ♥♥♥ Diane
  7. Bobby D! I hope your having or have had a wonderful recovery. I think of you so often and what you did for all of us here on the board. The Daily Bublé. Keep doing what your doing to be the best health you can be. Prayers will be said for you and yours. I hope one day you will see clear to post a hello to us. It's been a while since my last post here, over a year, I hadn't realized that. Time just gets away from you. Take care and in my heart of hearts I'm just hoping your leading a healthy, peaceful and well earned full life. Bye for now~~ Hugs, Diane ♥♥♥
  8. Good to see you post Irene, I was wondering how you were and where you were. I realize though that we all have our lives to lead. Just nice to know your ok~ All of us enjoying Michael's life. All those great pictures and videos of his life and now on a cruise with his family. They all look so great! I know Noah is growing so very fast but I just wish he'd stay younger longer lol! Don't we wish that about all our kids! Glad to hear from you on here. Keep posting now and then. I don't post as often either. Busy with my grandchildren, also growing very fast. Remember when they were babies. Twins are now 8 and youngest is 7. Conversations are so much fun with them. Take care~ Will look for you again~ <3 Mary, It's always good to see you here too! Send new pics of the nephews if you can. The twinis have a birthday next month so I hope to get some good pics there. It's been a lot quieter now on Instagram. Poor Michael had to endure all those terrible posts from people. The pic that Lu took of MB with the girls behind him at the counter. He was being lighthearted and comical but it didn't come off that way to lots of people and they were very cruel to him. He posted an appology that it wasn't intended in that way and that he was very deeply hurt by there words. I felt so bad for him he didn't even have to appologize, as we his fans knew what he mean't by the pic~ They just don't know him. Hopefully now it's all died down but the damage is done. I'm sure Michael won't forget it~sadly. I hope your doing well, and keep posting as well. So great to see you here. Bye for now ♥♥
  9. This years marks my 10th year being on the board. It's just unreal how time flys by. This day and age there are so many websites for MB, even with MIchael on Facebook, Twitter, Bungalow B, Michael Bublé.com, it's hard to post on all of them. I started out here though and I always return. Michael is pretty active on his Instagram account so there's that as well. I am a part of all of those, but here's is where I started to follow Michael and met so many great people who shared the love of this fantastic guy.. Met some in person at shows, or just feel like I've known some for so long because of posting with each other. Thank you to my Bublé friends for getting to know you has been a great experience for me. Michael has brought so many people together through his music and song. I love him for it. He's one very special guy not to mention entertainer. He has it all going for him. I remember when he started out. He's come a long way baby! and I love the man he's become. Hugs to all my friends here and thanks for your friendship~ From one Bublé Girl to another~ ) Guys too!
  10. Hi Pati, How are you these days? We are all busy with our lives I know. I was wondering, do you know how Irene is doing. She hasn't posted since around November~ I hope she hasn't been ill. If you know, please let me know as I was worried something is wrong. I surely hope she is well. Thanks and hope your doing well too. Hugs, <3
  11. Hi Pati! Yes, I think that is DT there with him. Isn't this picture a kick? We can say we knew him, when he first got popular over here too! Those days of Bublé are gone I'm afraid. He's done just so great for himself and so well deserved. He's worked so hard to be where he's at at this time. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year Pati! Hugs, xo Diane
  12. Mary, Thanks so much for those great videos!! Oh, I could look at these all day, but that is unfortunately not ALL I have to do!! Still, it's such fun to spend time watching Michael do his thing and it always makes me feel like I'm right in front of him watching him and listening to that wonderful voice. Thanks Mary for the link~ I will try to use this when I need it~ besos y abrazos! Gram, Well, are we (you) getting ready for the holidays yet? Heavens, I still have not gotten ready for this coming Thanksgiving. I'm sure when it's time, I'll be ready, but it's coming so fast you know. We have had a bit of trial here, my husband has been suffering with Gout, which you may know is very painful. Today has been a better day but the last few days have been very uncomfortable for him. He goes from the chair in the family room to the bathroom. Back and forth, hardly able to walk. Well, today as I said, was better. and now we have a precription to help him along. We have to change his diet a bit and drink lots of cherry juice for a while. When it's in check then he should be much better. Gout can come and go. So we have to make sure he keeps his diet to where he doesn't get another attack. The doctor says, usually once you clear it up that it doesn't come back often. If you eat incorrectly though it will come back quickly. It's going to be difficult, but we will see what we can do to keep it from flaring up again. No red meat, no beer, (which is good, haha) no sugars or lots of it shall we say, etc it goes on and on in the food department, but we do know what to do now to keep him on the right track. Hopefully after these meds, he will be feeling so much better. Michael is now done with his south american tour. On Dec 2nd he starts his UK tour again. those people there must know how lucky they are to have Michael over there so much. I know he loves the Brits so much. He's had tons of success over there and they love him. We do too right!! I do hope he comes back again to the states before he finishes his touring for a long while. I know he wants to take a long rest I'm sure. He will also want to dabble in film I think. I just hope he doesn't stay away too long. I miss him a whole lot. I was able to see him twice last year and was so happy to have had the opportunity to see him. Well, my family is good. We are probably going up north on Sat. to see my twins compete in their gymnastics. They are doing so good. Winning medals and getting better as they go along. It seems clear they both do love this sport. Emmy was doing soccer, cut has finished now. She was such a good defensive player and she made some great goals for her team as well. I've been able recently to get out and have lunch with my retiree girlfriends from work. We also recently celebrated another newly retired gal, she was my manager when I was working. She's very excited to be getting into another part of her life, moving on from work, to doing some travel with her husband and enjoying her home. She's excited to get to go to our lunches now, or other get togethers with our husbands included sometimes. We all were working together for so long that we all knew each other so well and watching our kids all grow up, graduate, get married, have kids etc. all the husbands know each other. It's just a great group of people, thank goodness for good friends right?! I get to spend some time like every couple of months with my school friends as well. We get together for lunch or dinner and catch up with each other. Isn't it great to be able to stay in touch with longtime people, people you truly care about? It sure is. It's funny, but my son also has the same kind of friends. About 6 of them still keep in touch and they are all best friends from about the 2nd grade. It's unusual. All get together twice a year. Once in the summer and then in the winter. They all bring their kids and all the kids know each other and are growing up together with memories that are wonderful. Like in the summer they all go to the same place every year and they sit all the kids on this big huge log that by a river, and it's all so cute to them all of them there. I've seen several years of them on this log, and what a change over the years. Oh gosh, I've been talking much about family and friends but I hope it hasn't bored you to pieces. We know how important family and friends are though. Well, ladies, must go for now. So now I'm hugging you and smooching your cheeks~ ) I always pray life treats you all well, and that most importantly than anything you have good health. Well, what did you ladies think of Barbra and Michael!!!! I love her new cd "Partners". It Had To Be You, it's the best~ Of course it is right?!! All her duets are really good, but hers and Michael's is lovely~~ Have you heard it yet? I leave you with a picture of me and my girlfriend in the Bahamas when Michael was there. Noah was only a week old and he told stories of how he had already changed so many poopy diapers and such, haha, He was very funny and sounded so very good that night. It was quick, he flew in, did the show, and flew out the first thing in the morning. I'm sure he wanted to get back to Noah. He's the best! I hope you can view it okay, it's small but sometimes you can click on it and it gets bigger~ Love ya all much~ Listen to Bublé, and keep a song in your heart! ♪♪~ ♥♥♥ "I Love Bein' Here With You" Hugs~~ ♥
  13. "And Grandpa Mitch is correct in calling him "Sunshine"......That's why those of us who love him so much..........associate love warmth....acceptance with Michael...............And the love he has within him makes it possible for him to give away so much.." Hi Gram, and Mary! So great to see your posts. Had to quote a portion from you post above Gram~ it made me smile ear to ear cause it's so true! The warmth of "Sunshine", that is Michael puts extra beats to my heart. How can one person make you feel so wonderful. Just a genuine good feeling you know. Makes us all happy through all our fears, tears,sorrows, ups and downs. He gives us, in a show, two hours of pure enjoyment. Takes us away from any care for a short time and what does it do? It's like a very deep breath we take then we can go on about our day or night again. Yes, I'll take a "Breath of Sunshine" any day., anytime. What he gives us is worth so much of that warmth and genuine love he generates. A sincere performance from beginning to end. Noah, Can we talk about that adorable baby boy! Well, we've all said it, he's just the light of his mom and dads eyes. He truly is Michael's twin Gram. I am always looking forward to videos of the whole family or of the warm ups on Facebook Michael does before every show. He includes Lu and Noah in them many times. Noah has been vocal a few times and so darn cute in them. Are you waiting now to see Michael in his new Christmas Special? I can hardly wait! A few friends of mine went to the taping in NYC and had such a great time. They said we are in for another great time with Michael. Noah and Lu are in it this year! MB's family will be in the audience. Yay! Ariana Grande will be his special guest this year. Maybe if he has it in Vancouver again I'll get to go to a taping I think it would be such fun to watch him. Especially when they stop taping and Michael just fools around and talks to the audience and what have you. They always have such a wonderful set for him. We'll all be waiting for the date to be announced. Well, my girls have been very active. Busy at school doing well thank goodness. The twins, are busy with gymnastics and are now in competitiion, and they have made state sanctions so they will be continuing on. I'm very proud of them doing so well. I just wish I could put a few pics of them here to show you. This site used to be easy to post pics but now I am having a hard time trying to get anything but posts on here. Mary, can you help? I must be doing something wrong. My husband and I have been busy so much last few months redoing our whole front yard. It's been a challenge but my husband wanted to do it himself and we have had so many compliments on it already. It's not quite finished yet, but it's looking great. Here in Califonria we are in a drought and it's pretty bad. We can only water once a week now, used to be twice. Our lawn and many other peoples lawns have gone brown. It's such a shame to let a yard go like that. We couldn't take it much more so we decided to lots of rock and drought tolerant plants in. We are also putting in a very small area of the yard for lawn. About 10x12 area. it's better than we had cause our old lawn was most of our whole yard. Big area to water. This all should make a difference in our water bill too I hope. Well, ladies, again, it's so good to see your posts. Love reading them~ I'm always happy to share the love of Bublé with you. He's such good medicine for me. I know he is for you too! Marlene, Your right, we all have this great bond when it comes to Michael~ Brings smiles to our faces and such joy in our hearts! Be well all, I'm thinking of you often~ always glad to come here and visit~ From my heart to yours~~with love,~ Diane ~ ♥♥♥ ♪♪♪ "I Love Bein' Here With You" ♪ Keep a song in your heart ♪ Wow! I was able to get this one on here~ depends on size I think and I got into my profile ~ I had filled my quota of pics, had to delete some. Love this pic of the siblings!!! Just click on picture to see larger~
  14. Hello Irene and Mary and All my friends here~ whom I have not seen in quite a while. I'm excited as well about Michael's career and family life as we all are right?! Don't you feel so very lucky that he and Lu allow us his fans access to a portion of his life and loves. Speaking of loves, That little Noah, is one charming cute faced little angel baby! I love seeing and watching the videos including Lu and Noah and all that Michael gives us through interviews and such. He will be now touring South America on the 9th, which means, you guessed it! on his BIRTHDAY! I'll bet Amber missses him so much when he's away like this. He's been in Buenos Aires for a while now. Better there for a while since it's so close to Chile where he performs his first show of this leg of the tour. I was thinking about when he was around 25 or so and just getting on the scene with his music and style. America for sue took a while to take to Michael. I know he started a few years earlier getting popular in Canada and in europe cause in europe he was such a success. It just took a little longer for us out here to warm up to him. Although I hadn't heard of him until 2005. When I first laid eyes on him, meaning his cd at a Starbucks store, I immediately stared at this young boy on the cover and wondered very much who is this? and what does he sing? Well, I bought that cd and played it in my car on the way home and I WAS HOOKED! from then on it was Michael~ I was so eager to listen to him everyday. He just had IT! We truly do have our own stories about how we met Michael, in person or not. I'm like everyone else. I was hoping to get to meet him one day and maybe get a hug or something! haha~ Well, I usually went to the buses after the shows and was able to talk with him and get some hugs, and I mean I truly felt very lucky to even be around him and to tell him how I so enjoy his voice, music, and songs. He has always been very gracious and kind at all encounters. My very best encounter with MB though, was in Phoenix 2013. I got to talk with him again and get hugs, and he saw our phones in our hands and right away said do you girls wants pictures?!! and my friend said I hadn't ever had a picture yet~ So he accommodated me not just me, but my friends too. That's the picture you see here on my profile. I'm thrilled to have it and I'm thrilled that when he performed his tour show in Phoenix in November last year, my girlfriend and I decided on a sign and held it up for him and he loved it! Said he'd never had one like it before. It said, "Hey MB! José says, Give those girls a hug, Pleez" so he told us to come up and he signed the sign and gave us a hug. I have the video and just love it. When I feel like seeing him, I get that video out and watch it again. I now always say, If I never get to see Michael again or cannot get lucky enough to talk with him or get a hug or picture, I am the happiest old gal around! Actually though, you know, that I am still going to try and see MB whenever I can. I love how he interacts with people and especially his fans. My next show will be my 25th and I want to tell him I've enjoyed every show and so worth seeing him that often. People like Michael do not come around very often. He's made such an impression on me. We all know how he has a way with a song. He's a pro and just has the know-how. Presence on stage, and interaction with a crowd. Ok, I know, I've gone on way too much. I hope you've all been well. I miss this place. I wanted to come back sooner. Much going on in my life with the girls. They've been well. Twins are 8 now! Emmy is 6. All in gymnastics, and soccer. Busy at school. Twins in 3rd grade and Emmy started Kindergarten. Where does the time go! They sure do keep us busy. We go to see them often and it's a 2 hour ride. We are looking for homes around there, but haven't found the right one. We may not be able to find the ONE, but we keep looking. I love being in there little lives. So, between the girls, seeing my friends, chores around the house, and yes some Facebook time with my friends and family there, it's difficult to get to all the sites I want to be at with all my friends. I started here though. I always return here. Irene, you started this thread, and I'm so happy you did. We've all enjoyed many conversations here. Following MB around in our little crowded bus! Such fun. Afternoon tea and homemade breads and jams in the backyard, great comraderie. Great company! Well, did you see Michael on the wing of that plane! haha~ they just took it that way to show Michael getting ready for his SA tour. Like he just landed. Well, we'll be following him won't we. Chile, Brazil, Buenos Aires etc. I think he has a break in October. I think he may do his taping for his Christmas Show this year. That's just me saying that, not sure of it. Seems likely though. Ok, ladies, my dears~ Be well, live, love, laugh and be merry! Think of you so often~ "I Love Being Here With You" God Bless Us All! Hugs,
  15. Oh Mary, Thank you! I did see this video on Michael's instagram. What a wonderful thing for him to do! Yes! He is a classy guy. Has a wonderful heart. I'm happy he does these gestures for people who love him, and people who cannot get to see him or are disabled in some way. He knows he's loved by many, so I think he returns the love to many any way he can. Even more reason that I love that man! Irene, My 4th was really nice. It was a quieter one this year. No parties this time, but enjoyed our backyeard and had a nice bbq, just pretty much relaxing. Seeing my son tomorrow, and anxcious to see the girls. We'll be taking them to their gymnastic classes, swimming, a movie I'm sure, etc. Hope the weather isn't too hot. I hope you got to see this video Mary posted. It's the best. The warmups are exciting to keep up with. Some are so cute and funny. Marlenes' video is really cute. Love Noah singing along or trying to. Daddy just laughing at him while singing. It's just so endearing. Well, gotta go get things done.. Miss you all. Big hugs!