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  1. I thought the same thing. The only thing I can think of is that Michael has a contract with NBC (does his Christmas Special each year) and that may have something to do with it. Otherwise, I'm just as miffed as you about this. D
  2. Hi Pati, Saw your post and wanted to let everyone know I spoke with BobbyD's wife and he's doing great. Watching sports and checking in on the board. Sends his best to everyone. Hugs, D
  3. Oh... I just got off the phone with Mrs. Bobby D.... I am so very sad.. I can't do this. I still have my Buble Bubbles Loretta gave me at the Greek Theater. I look at so many momentos... My heart is broken.... She's with her Dean and God will take good care of both of them... D
  4. Hello Ladies and Gents, We mods were trying to find a way to post about our Sweet Loretta, and I'm glad Cindy took the opportunity to handle it the way she has. We all love Loretta very much and Gram, we were most concerned about you. So glad you spoke with Kerrie. I spoke with her on Saturday and got to speak with Loretta for about 2 minutes. She wasn't having a good day, but she still had her wonderful sense of humor. It was good just to hear her voice. Kerrie had a request and I thought to myself, if only I could run into Michael in another airport, I'd make it happen for her. So..... Mom Buble, if you read this maybe you could make it happen. Most of us have Loretta's phone numbers. Would make our Sweet Loretta's day, forever. I can be pm'd any time. Ladies, I'm sorry I haven't been here in a very long time and I miss you all. Just had way too much going on. Hopefully, I can stop by more often. Love you all... Hugs, D
  5. Hello all my lovely ladies...... Merry Christmas and loads of hugs and kisses. I know I've been absent and I'm sorry.... Loretta... left a message for you today, hope you are well and although I know this Christmas is difficult... know we are all here and love you very much.... Everyone have a lovely Christmas.... Love, D
  6. Merry Christmas to Bobby D Mrs. D and Sammy..... Love and God's Blessings... D
  7. I have been so "far" away for so long... but I want to touch those I love... and you all know how much I love you all First,I want to reach out for My Sweet Loretta and her son.... and Gram.. to your daughter... Life is very strange... times go so very good for so long, but there is a part of me who always thinks about the law of averages..and how things kind of fall the way they fall for all of us. And eventually, we all have to deal with life situations.... and we do So, I pray for My Sweet Loretta, her son and Gram.... your wonderful daughter.... What we give is what life is all about. One should never expect some kind of "reimbursement"... that's not what it's all about. But, the truth is..... when you give "yourself"... you get so much more back... so much more..... I love you all..... Loads of prayers.. Hugs, D
  8. A quick hi. I agree that Erin would be a great guest on Michael's Christmas Show.

  9. A quick hi. I agree that Erin would be a great guest on Michael's Christmas Show.

  10. OMG..... Bobby D...... Sooooooooo Happy to see you back here. I've been away too, but for many other reasons.... Wonderful to hear how great you are doing..... Keep at it, I know you will. You have the will of a giant. Love to you Mrs. D and Sammy. Hugs, D
  11. Seeing your post Mrs. D made what has been a horrendous week much, much brighter. Must connect later today... Loads of Love, through tears of joy. D
  12. Hello Everyone.... I am so sorry I've been missing in action here. I have no excuses, except I need more than 24 hours in each day, as I miss coming "home", seeing all of you and catching up. That said, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a much better New Year. Times are very tough for so many and sometimes it's difficult to keep one's prospective and understand what is really important. It's our relationships, whether they be family, or friends. I am blessed in many ways, even with life's challenges. To our Bobby D and Mrs. D... all my love and warm wishes for a serene Christmas. To the Bublé Family.... wonderful and warm holidays. To all you lovely ladies and gents... please have the best of holidays and share your hearts with those you love. Loads of Hugs and Love, D
  13. I just came on to check up and check in... and saw Bori's post about Mary and Julian... All my prayers are with you and your family, Mary... He's a strong little guy and I know God is watching over him and all of you. Love, D
  14. Good Evening.... I'm sure you all will be watching the ustream with Michael tomorrow, but also go to Martininthemorning.com and hit Martinivision and listen/maybe watch Brad's interview with Michael following his ustream chat. This should be a truly wonderful afternoon. Hugs, D
  15. I just posted the following on the thread about Bobby D and wanted to share it with everyone here. I have been missing here and I'm so sorry and need to catch up. I will get back to this very soon.... Love you all, D Hey Everyone, Wanted to let you all know that Bobby D will be coming home today, Monday Australia time! He's doing very well and can't wait to be home with Mrs. D and Sammy. Mrs. D wanted me to again tell everyone how much this board and your warm wishes and prayers have meant to them during this most challenging time. Hopefully, with time and settling in he will be coming back "Home" to us here. Hugs, D