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  1. So very sad to hear the news about Loretta. Like Cindy, I was introduced to Loretta and Dean in Vegas, back in February 2006 and although I only met this lovely couple the once they showed me such heartfelt warmth, love and affection. Both such lovely spirits and full of good humour I will always cherish the evening I spent chatting with them. Smiling back at you, dear Loretta. May you rest in peace with your wonderful Dean. Vera x
  2. Bobby D is continuing to do really well and will be coming home to Mrs Bobby D and to Sammy, on 8th November!!! ... just in time for Bobby D's birthday on 12th November! The family send their thanks and appreciation for everyone's posts, prayers and well wishes. Please keep them coming. They've really been helping the last three months and the family are truly thankful for everyone's support and kind words. Don't forget to post your birthday wishes to Bobby D - we're sure he and the family will enjoy reading them! The Moderating Team
  3. Hi All, Thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes. Mrs Bobby D would like you all to know that she and Bobby D are truly thankful to everyone for their continued support, love and understanding. Bobby D is doing really, really well. He is starting to walk and to eat again and he is communicating well in his own way. Please keep your prayers coming as they firmly believe that all the positive encouragement is helping Bobby D to get a little better each day. The Moderating Team
  4. Hi Everyone, An update from Mrs Bobby D: Bobby D is continuing to make a little progress each day. It is going to be a slow journey but all the prayers and well wishes are certainly helping him. Thank you all. The Moderating Team
  5. Hi Everyone, Thank you very much for all your prayers and good wishes for Bobby D, Mrs Bobby D and Sammy the dog, Your kind thoughts have been very comforting to the family and very much appreciated. Please keep them coming! Just to let you know that Mrs Bobby D reads this topic whenever she can and is extremely grateful to everybody for their kind words of support and encouragement. The topic has now been pinned to the top of the 'That's All' section to make it easier for Mrs Bobby D to access and for everyone to reply to. We haven't any further news for you all at the moment, except to say that it is early days now but Bobby D is showing good signs of progress. The Moderating Team is in regular contact with Mrs Bobby D and she has requested that any further news updates be given by her directly to the Moderating Team so that we can share with you on the Board when the time is right. Mrs Bobby D and The Moderating Team very much appreciate everyone's concern and would ask you to keep Bobby D in your thoughts and keep the prayers coming but would ask that you respect the family's privacy at this difficult time. Thank you for your understanding. Kind regards, The Moderating Team
  6. Vera, Just to say I saw you at Sheffield, and you looked FABULOUS. Hope you enjoyed the show. (Silly thing to say really - how could anyone not?!)

  7. Vera,

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! many more