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  1. Hi Bobby D and Mrs. D! I am always thinking of you both! I keep you in my prayers every night. Praying that you are getting better and that life is good. Miss you! Xoxoxo Cindy
  2. Hi Bobby D, Mrs. D and Sammy! Just wanted to drop a line and say hello! I have you in my thoughts and prayers always! And this week especially, you have so been on my mind, I just had to reach out to say Hi! I miss our skype chats and hearing both of your lovely voices! Spring is finally on its way to Pittsburgh! Yahoo! Looking forward to a wonderful year. I hope and pray that each and every day brings hope, happiness and sunshine into your lives!! God Bless you. Hugs and Kisses from your friend in Pittsburgh!!! xoxoxoxoxox Miss you much! With Love, Cindy
  3. Hello Bobby D! You are sooooooo missed! I hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are! You are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you, Mrs. D and Sammy a Beautiful and Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! God Bless. With Love, Your friend, Cindy xoxoxo
  4. HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!! ENJOY!!!! We miss you! Hope you tour again soon!!!! xoxoxo Cindy
  5. Mary and Noemi.....What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to our sweet Loretta!!! She would have LOVED it!!!! Thank you!!! She truly was a special part of my life. God Bless you dear Loretta. I miss you.
  6. Ahhh Mary, my dear friend. I do remember exactly the picture you speak about!!! You posed so cute while on the phone with our dear Loretta! Even though she didn't understand a word, she was so very excited and happy just to hear your voice! Our special friend, Loretta, is smiling down at us now. God Bless. Cindy
  7. Hello Friends, I just got off the phone with Loretta's son Ray. He said he is so appreciative of all of the phone calls, thoughts, kind words and prayers for him and his family. He said the phone has been ringing off the hook and he is amazed at how many wonderful friends his mother had from all around the world! He said he and his sisters were doing well and were glad that Loretta's in a beautiful and peaceful place now with no pain and no sickness. She is now surrounded by family and friends in heaven along with her soul mate, Dean. Ray also mentioned how grateful he was that the Buble Family reached out to them in a very special way. I told Ray about all of the beautiful sentiments and heart-felt words written on this board to and about Loretta. I promised to send him a copy of this thread. Ray informed me that family is preparing a private funeral service. The family will charter a yacht in early September and Loretta's ashes will be scattered at sea, just like her husband. This was her wish. Loretta passed exactly 2 years to the day that her husband died, August 22. Again, Loretta's family thanks you for your loving and sincere sympathies. Cindy Loretta.....smiling down at us!!! p.s. Please pm me if you would like Loretta's address to send a card.
  8. Dearest Loretta, I remember the very first time I met you! It was at Michael's concerts in Las Vegas, 2006. You were this petite little lady, all dressed up and beautiful on the arm of your handsome Dean. We hugged and you handed me a heart shaped bubble necklace. The first thought in my mind was "How Fun! This lady is my kinda gal!!" Our friendship florished from there. I truly enjoyed all of our crazy conversations on the phone! Your stories and jokes always made me laugh. I admired your spirit and feistyness. You were truly one extraordinary woman! I have been blessed to know you and to have you as my dear friend! Just know that I send my thoughts, prayers and love to you addressed to: Loretta in Heaven! May you rest in peace, sweet Loretta. You will ALWAYS be in my heart! God Bless. I love you. Nite Nite xoxo Cindy p.s. Please give Dean a hug from me.
  9. Loretta, our favorite Swooning Granny, needs our prayers. Dear Friends, It is with a heavy heart I share the news of our dear, sweet Loretta. She is very ill and not doing well. Her son Ray has asked that everyone keep Loretta in their prayers as their family goes through this difficult time. Unfortunately, Loretta is not able to get on-line, but if you wish to post any messages to her, Noemi, Becky, Daryl and I will make sure Loretta gets your messages. If you would like to send her a card, please pm me for her address. God Bless our Swooning Granny--Loretta smiling at you. (Special Hugs to Lewis from Loretta) Cindy
  10. WELCOME HOME BOBBY D!!!!! My oh My! I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited to see your post! You (and Mrs. D) have been in my prayers! I can't even tell you how happy I am that you are recovering and walking around the house! You have come a long long way because of your good spirits and determination! We all celebrate YOU Bobby D and your continued recovery! I am so very happy that I am literally jumping for joy! God Bless you my friend. HUGS AND KISSES!! With Lots of Happiness, Joy and Love, Your friend, Cindy
  11. You are amazing!!! Thank you so so much!!!!!!!! :)

  12. Hi! You are now ready to go!!!

  13. Hope everyone has a very Happy and safe New Years Eve/Day!!!!!!

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael's new Hollywood video! It's sooooooo COOL and FUNNY!!! You ROCK MB!!!