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  1. Hi, sent a few more your way!*
  2. Yes, tour date information is suppose to be announced in December 2016!!!!!!!!!... In the meantime get some tickets and go watch his movie next month:)
  3. did you get your tickets!!!!!!!! MICHAEL TO RELEASE FIRST MOVIE - 'MICHAEL BUBLÉ TOUR STOP 148,' IN THEATERS WORLDWIDE Michael will release his first movie, 'Michael Bublé Tour Stop 148', which will be in theaters worldwide for a special one night only event. The docu-style film features performances from the recent world tour and highlights his hard-working crew and the sacrifices made to put on the show. The film will be in cinemas September 27 in USA and from September 25th in select countries globally. Check out the trailer below, and reserve tickets here in the US, or here outside the US before they’re all gone!
  4. Thank you!!!!......I kept checking everyday hoping someone would read my post, thank you!!!!...
  5. Attention moderators and fans, as you can see we have a ton of spam being posted by"leilei3915",...., please remove !!!...thank you........
  6. Thank you, Diane!!!!
  7. ohhhhhh so many great videos of the show!!!!, how I wish I would have been able to go, love love the videos on the Buble Insider on Facebook!!!!!!!......... **Happy New Year ****, everyone!!!
  8. Who's going?
  9. so many share the exact sentiment, I wasn't surprised to see and I read comments from people like Sara Gazarek and Alan Chang...... btw and many of those grammy winners and guest in this show are affiliated -contracted with other major companies. Harry Connick Jr. does a major show on CH11 Fox,"American Idol". It just does not make sense at all. And I just couldn't watch the show.
  10. Hi Daryl, thrilled for the news, thank you so much!!!!...
  11. *Happy Birthday, Bobbyd***** miss you so much, take care.
  12. Hi BobbyD, hope you and your family are well, please let us know how you are doing, think of you often..........
  13. ​Just noticed, Michael's show was not posted here, but Michael will be doing a show in Vegas January 1, 2016 at the MGM, check out his Tour section.
  14. my anniversary was the 10th of this month too!!!- still crazy about Michael since the first day I heard his dreamy voice!!!! ....hugs from his No. ONE Fan in Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. missing you so much my dear you