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  1. BOBBY D. it is so nice to hear from you. You have been in my thoughts. Take care Jacqueline
  2. Happy Birthday Irene to a dear friend enjoy your special day. Jacqueline
  3. Thinking of you at this time my prayers are with you and your family. Jacqueline
  4. Dear Loretta I was very sad Sunday when I heard that Dean has passed. I know you are surrounded by your family and all your friends here are with you. You and your family are in my prayers. Jacqueline
  5. Thank you Vera it was really great to hear news re our deart friend Bobby D. Mrs D. you and Bobby are in our thoughts wish we were nearer to be able to help. Thank again you have many friends in your corner. Jacqueline
  6. The news this morning is not easy to accept my prayers and thoughts are with Bobby D and Mrs D. It is hard to help when we are far away. Bobby D has been so special to all of us I wish him a speedy recovery. Jacqueline
  7. I am packed now that the Olympics are done I am ready to hit the road so make room for me. Jacqueline
  8. Happy Easter everyone... Easter is a great time for families to get together the churches are full with people on Easter Sunday in Canada. On Easter Monday the schools and banks an Goverment places are closed and travelling is easier to return home after a long week-end. Jacqueline
  9. Just spoke to Loretta she misses everyone. Tomorrow she hopes she will be able to get back and catch up with all her friends. She sends her love to all and of course a big hug to Lewis. Jacqueline
  10. I just spoke to our dear Loretta and she is feeling better but her computer is not well. She sends her regards she is very anxious to get in touch with all her friends. Jacqueline
  11. A message from from our dear Loretta she sends her regards . I just spoke to her for a few minutes and she says she is feeling a little better. She thinks of all her friends but she is anxious to be back in a day or two. She promised to take it easy so she can get stronger faster. I told her we all miss her and we are anxious to hear from her. Jacqueline
  12. Hello Jacquline

    thank you so much for the magazine!!

    you have an amazing kindness..

    may god bless you always


    your friend


  13. Now I feel so much better to hear from Loretta.... you have no idea it was for me not to telephone even last night. I am very happy that you are doing so much better. I will talk to you soon. Jacqueline
  14. Welcome back Irene great to hear from you. You have been missed. Thank you for the update regarding our Loretta hope she will be back on line soon. Take care Jacqueline
  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes! xox