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  1. Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well. JOHANNA, good to hear from you again! So 2013 is already off and running. I haven't been able to come here or post often but am really looking forward to the upcoming year. So much exciting news for Michael and family! I thought I'd try to drop a line today and hope it's not telling about what, to me, is my "exciting" life (uh huh). Last night saw "Swan Lake" ballet prformed live onstage of the Historic Elsinore Theatre here in my hometown where I've spent many, many hours onstage performing from childhood AND seeing wonderful stars performance there. The ballet was performed by The Eugene Ballet Company and was very enjoyable. Among many great performers, we saw Gregory Peck there in 2000 doing his last public performance (that received much national--and worldwide media attention at the time.) New Year's Day at our favorite seafood restaurant where we met some of our relatives: http://farm9.staticf...009f654ed_h.jpg Last night (2/2/13) at the Historic Elsinore Theatre to see a Eugene Ballet production of "Swan Lake." The mural is of Shakespeare's Romeo (& Juliet way up high where you can't see her in the photo): http://farm9.staticf...3ac8ef725_h.jpg Another from last night--a little more serious. We didn't have a good camera with us: http://farm9.staticf...bcd347fb1_h.jpg Looking down into lobby from mezzanine during one of the two intermissions: http://farm9.staticf...f77b92056_h.jpg Really glad that Michael's new album will be coming out in April! I bet it'll be fabulous. And all those new songs--wow!!! It's good that the scheduling for his tour will be done now so they mustn't be travelling so much!!! For us going to the shows, maybe we'll just have to do a little more planning--but well worth it, I'm sure. The upcoming special event in their lives is so exciting. I know that Lu was quoted as saying it would be August or September--and she should know. But, for some reason, I'm thinking July. (I wonder if they might wish we wouldn't dwell on it.) I hope you're all enjoying the new year. Looking forward to reading your posts. I hope that many of you will post that we haven't seen for a while. It also would be great if some new friends would join in. Take care, Jo
  2. Hi, MARY. Thanks for your post. I'm with you. It makes me happy to know that Michael is happy! Michael, thank you for sharing the wonderful news with us on your Twitter! We're thinking of you both at this very special time! And all your lovely family! Love, Jo
  3. IRENE, you summed it all up so beautifully as always! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. You have a wonderful way of saying what we feel! I agree with all you said--and especially about Michael's capacity for bringing feelings of love with his performances. We're so lucky to have him now to bring this to the world that needs it so much. DIANE, I loved your post as always, too. And thanks so much for sharing that beautiful photo of your lovely grandaughters! I'm amazed at how much they've grown since the last pictures I saw. It must be a real pleasure to spend time with them. Well, please take care. And everyone have a wonderful weekend! Love, Jo
  4. Happy New Year to all you wonderful people who are huge fans of Michael Buble! It's great to be able to come here and express our feelings to one another. We'd love it if more fans would come and join the thread started by Irene to Mom Buble. IRENE, I hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas and that your New year will be fabulous! DIANE, thank you for your lovely greetings, and we wish you the same. It's nice to hear that your Christmas was wonderful. Ours was also, and I wish and hope that everyone enjoyed this very special time to the fullest! WENDY, it's always great to hear from you! I hope your Christmas was a joy. I can imagine your boys have really grown. I can understand that they can keep you very busy! Have a wonderful New Year! MARY, thank you so much for those two threads in "Media" where you posted the video of Michael singing with the elementary school kids--and the article about how he loves TV specials. It was a joy to see them. I responded to you there about Michael I'll bet your Christmas was VERY merry. Those two little ones are so precious. But I guess it won't be long that we can call Julian little. He's quite a boy! Happy New Year! ANU, thank you for your lovely greetings! I hope your Christmas was a joy! It must make it extra special having your grandchildren. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I certainly agree with you that having Michael's performances coming up means a lot for making happiness. Love, Jo
  5. Hi everyone. I hope you're all enjoying getting ready for Christmas. ALLEN, it's a very pleasant surprise to see your post! Thank you for your holiday greetings. We wish the same to you! Yes, it's great to be able to enjoy recordings of Michael's TV performances and interviews in HD. In addition to the others, I was thrilled with the "Home for the Holidays" Christmas Special. It was really great. And I'm sure many others felt the same. NBC ran it the 2nd time a few days later. I've watched it on our recording that we get through Comcast a number of times already. Oh yes, Allen, it was wonderful to see all the shots of Vancouver--and the fact that the show was done there! You live in a great place! We hope you continue posting. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! DIANE, thank you, as always, for your lovely post! I'm looking forward to the pictures of your grandaughters. Yes, I remember when you said your son had twin daughters as if it were yesterday. And how they've grown so fast. They're so darling. Three darling grandaughters. I know that must bring much joy to you--and we love to hear about them and all your family. Thanks for telling about the Rove Show. I didn't see it--except somewhere I saw a photo of Michael wearing eyeglasses. I would have enjoyed the show, I'm sure. I liked the ones when Rove was in Australia. I think it's very interesting that he's now here in the U.S. We think he's very funny. I'm glad you mentioned that BOBBY D. posted awhile back.I'm sorry that I missed it. He is a very special person and, along with everyone else, I appreciate him so very much! We really do miss him but are so thankful for ALL he did--and I'll bet he's doing things still that we may not know about. I agree with you and Allen and others about how special Irene is, too, for all she has done to bring together wonderful fans of Michael here. I'm very thankful that we have this forum and for the way everyone has made it special! I'll bet all your hard work has made your home especially beautiful for Christmas! We'd love to see it. Take care now and ENJOY. The time goes so fast. Love to all! Jo
  6. Hi everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend! What a pleasure to see Michael's great interview on the "Today Show". DVR'd it and watched later today. I sure wish I could save it forever, but we have the service through Comcast and it holds only so much. I wish there would be a way to save it, but I guess it's illegal to record in high definition to save. This is the first show that I care about saving since we have the proper equipment (so far), and Michael hasn't been doing a lot here recently. Anyway, it was wonderful to see. Just excellent. I could tell that Kathie Lee and Hoda were getting a little emotional at the end. And Michael and Lu are such a darling pair. At the end it was so cute when the camera surprised them kissing in the room where Lu had been waiting (and they had been getting shots of her off and on during the interview). DIANE, nice to hear about the Christmas decorating you've been doing. I think your idea about sharing photos is a good one. I know I'd like to see them. I hope that might work out. Have a good week. Boy, the calendar sure fills up fast (with a lot of it being FUN). Jo PS- DIANE, thanks for the notice that Michael would be on the Jimmy Fallon show tonight. He was a surprise guest and participated in a VERY funny musical game with Fallon and the guests for the night.
  7. Hi to everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend and that those here in USA had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mary, I love those photos in Scotland! Michael looks great--and very happy. Thanks for putting them here. You're a sweetheart! Take care everyone--and have fun. Jo
  8. Hi to everyone. MARY and IRENE, I really enjoyed your posts! Those photos of Julian are darling. It's plain to see that he is having lots of fun. I can imagine how you felt. It would be a very special time. Also, thanks a lot for that photo of Michael. He is so very special also! As always I loved your post, IRENE. Your telling about that day at the airport when you talked to Michael in person is a very wonderful experience to pass on to others. I think I know exactly how you felt when you first realized you were looking at Michael. The time when I was lucky to see him up close in person I felt like your description of what happened to you. I was like in a state of shock. I've seen many celebrities in person, but I've never felt that way about any of them. I've often wondered since then if I would react the same if it happened again. You know, there are many other people who have had the same reaction--from what I've read over the years. Well, we're watching TV now with information on the election results. I hope and pray that everything will happen for the best! Hopefully, we'll know more soon. Take care everyone here. I look forward to reading what you post. Jo
  9. Hi to all. I hope you're having a good week! It's a pleasure to come here and read all your posts. You're all such wonderful fans of Michael and his music--and it's nice to read your thoughts and feelings about him and his voice and all-around charm that can make us feel good. I share the feelings of you all about our endearing LORETTA--a person who was so kind and lovable. She loved Michael and his voice and all his talents. She was always cheerful and funny You would never know that there were sad things to overcome in her life. PATI, it's hard to realize that we won't be reading her posts now, and we really miss her. But we have many happy memories. As IRENE so beautifully said, it's good to think of her being happy where she is--for so many reasons. I'd like to think that she's always part of the many, many of us who find happiness in what Michael and his music bring to the world. LAURIE, it's good to see your tribute to LORETTA. It's very touching! PAM, I enjoyed your telling about your best friend's 50th wedding anniversary dinner. It sounds like a very special evening to remember with many of your friends. Also, I agree with what you say about IRENE'S beautiful post. IRENE, thank you so much! As always, it's very inspiring and touching. JOHANNA, I hope all is well with you. We haven't heard from you much recently. Is nice to see your post as always. MARY, thank you very much for putting on the poem that you wrote to Michael when you first came to his message board! You did a wonderful job of expressing your feelings and pointing out that so many others feel the same. It's very special! And I'm glad to be able to read it again. Well, to all of you--and the others who are a part of Michael's fans who come here--please take care. Love, Jo
  10. Hi everyone, It's so nice to read your posts. I've been in the hospital for awhile, but I'm much better now. Tuesday night I was at a concert by the official touring Glenn Miller Band. It was at our wonderful Historic Elsinore Theatre (recently restored). We've seen lots of great performances there: Gregory Peck, Bernadette Peters, Wynton Marsalis Jazz Band--to name a few. I love the big band sound and have also been to the Tommy Dorsey Band there and other concerts that play music of that era. When my son was 8 years old, he was crazy about Glenn Miller music and would play it over and over. He still loves it. I'd like to mention that there were two ballads in the concert that I had forgotten that were so beautiful. They were "I Know Why" and "It's Always You". I couldn't help but think how great they would sound with Michael singing them. Take care all. Jo
  11. DIANE, I watched the videos of the birthday greetings to Michael. They were fun to watch. I'm glad that you did yours. It was nice. You not only look lovely but you sound very good. Thanks for letting us know. Good for you for taking time to work out. I must start doing more of that. I need to do it not to lose weight but to bring back more muscle. I've lost a lot of weight this last year due to a lack of appetite and am gradually getting it back. I'm up to about 105 right now. I've had quite a bit of stress in the last year--and I think that's the reason for the loss. It's great to be able to look forward to the upcoming "The Voice" shows when I hope we'll be able to see Michael working with the Blake Shelton's singers. That should be very interesting. I'm glad that you've been watching all of them. I just saw one for the first time this season tonight. It was enjoyable. Well, I hope you're enjoying your week. Time sure flies, doesn't it? Take care, Jo
  12. Dear IRENE, As always, I enjoyed your wonderful post. I most certainly agree with what you said. I wish that all children could have such a loving family. I feel very fortunate to have had an opportunity to briefly meet the family and Michael all together. And, I'm so glad I was able to thank Grandpa Mitch in person for all he had done, and give a hug to Grandma Yolanda, and give notes and yellow roses to Amber and Lewis and Mitch and Yolanda thanking them all--and saying that I felt Michael (truly) was God's gift to the world that very much needs music like his (voice and all-around talent). Since then (March 2004), he has certainly proven that what I said is so very true. So many, many people all around the world have said so many wonderful things about what his music has done for them. Irene, thank you as always for saying the things that so many of us feel! Love, Jo
  13. Hey, MARY, I know this relates to your post way back on July 31st, but, for some reason I didn't say this then, although I've thought of it a lot. I love your post about Julian saying to you when you were out together, "I love you Aunt". There is nothing sweeter than someone precious saying "I love you" unexpectedly. Thank you for sharing that with us. He's so fortunate to have a loving person like you sharing with him. Oh yes, I love the sweater you showed that you made for him. You are an excellent knitter. I hope you'll always keep us posted about your times with him. He's growing so fast, it seems. Thanks, as always, for everything. Love, Jo
  14. Hi to everyone. Right now I'm watching the rerun of the SNL with Michael appearing last December. I hope you're all having a pleasant weekend. MARY and BORI, thank you so very much for the beautiful and touching tribute to LORETTA. It brings tears to my eyes. She was a very special person. We all miss her and remember her with much love. IRENE, thank you also for your words that were an inspiring way to start the day earlier. Please take care--and we always look forward to reading your posts and the stirring thoughts. Take care everyone. Jo
  15. Hi, you wonderful ladies! Thank you for your inspiring posts! There are many things to remember from those of you here--many happy things. I think Loretta would want us to remember those things with happiness. Of course, we're feeling sadness but the happy memories are what carry us through. MARY and CINDY thanks so much for sharing that one incident that is so sweet! And all of you who were fortunate to have met Loretta, thanks for sharing. I was not able to meet her in person, but I felt as if I had. She was always so friendly and kind in responding to me on the board. And she even sent me lovely things by mail that were so very thoughtful. She, and all of you here, are wonderful people, and I feel very lucky to have met you all here--thanks to Michael and his family providing this for us. Thank you very much to them!!!! Love to all. Jo