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Really... Michael?

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Posted 30 September 2010 - 07:42 PM

Hey, Lindsey! Thank you for sharing about your experience! I'm so glad you had a great time! I told you I knew you would! *Wink* Haha! That's so great, I'm glad you had good seats, and that Michael sang well, that doesn't surprise me at all, he always sounds great! You had great seats! I saw him from the 5th row in July, that was awesome, so I definitely know what you mean! Naturally 7 are awesome! They're so great! I'm so sorry you feel sad, I know that feeling! It'll lift eventually, its just that thing where your mood crashes from an unbelievable high to an incredible low. And LOL, I know! Michael walked right by me too, but because of too many people and his bodyguards being in the way, I too didn't get to touch him, haha! Oh well, next time for sure! And yes, remembering your fun times help for sure! Don't be sad! Haha, thank you so much! I know this November will be awesome! I can't wait! Ah! Thank you again for sharing! :D

Hi bran muffin thanks for your lovely repy and understanding my mood is lifting a bit now I just think about how lucky I am to have seen him live 2 times in a year as not all fans even manage to get to one of his concerts so this makes me happy knowing that I am one of the lucky one's :D xx

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 09:39 PM

Hey, Lindsey! You're welcome! *Wink* That's good! And that's so true! I've seen him three times, and know people who haven't even seen him once also. We are lucky! We have to be happy! Haha! It's just that Michael is such a heartbreaker, LOL! :D

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Posted 15 November 2010 - 01:30 PM

Hi everyone..
Seeing as the last post was in October i don´t know if someone will even read this but i have been reading all your comments over the last hour and would like to say something too..
I´ve had luck and have been able to see Michael this year live.. and i don´t remember any swearing words, but then again it all felt like a dream to me so maybe i just missed it..
either way.. it´s how he is and we like him like that. EVRYONE swears once in a while and you can´t appeckt a grown man not to. And as long as not every second word that comes out of that gorgeous mounth of his isn´t a swear word.. I would say that we shouldn´t take it to serious...
Just enjoy the music and the feeling that you get when you see how he moves so many people with his voice and music.
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Posted 27 January 2011 - 02:45 PM

chimming in a little late but Im bored at work an scrollin through all of these post and have to put in my two cents. I took my 8yo daughter not because I wanted to get his attention but because she never cared about any other artist but loves him and his music. I took her because she said " If I won the lottery, I would go to a Michael buble concert" and " I want a Michael Buble poster for Cristmas sense I can't go to one of his concerts this year." Dont get me wrong, I love me some MB BUT I wouldn't have driven 3 hours and paid over $200 for tickets for me. I knew it would mean so much to her and it was a memory we would share forever. My mother and I shared a love for Van Morrisons music and now that she is gone, I can still listen to his music and it reminds me of countless memories of singing and dancing with her. MB is that artist for my daughter and I. I want her to be exposed to more than our little neighborhood in our little town. So, if she has to stay up a little late or hear a few inapropriate comments to have an experience that she will cherish for a lifetime, so be it! Look at the joy in her little face and tell me I shouldn't have given her this memory.

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Posted 29 January 2011 - 11:29 PM

I was chatting the other night on Martiniinthemorning.com with many of the great music lovers and for those of you who haven't stopped by... there are some great people and lots of musical knowledge there.

I specifically wanted to check with Nikki in Houston, as she'd just experienced her first Bublé concert and handed out over 200 Martiniinthemorning.com listener cards. I had actually logged in over the weekend, which I never do because I'm way busy doing normal "stuff" that need to be caught up on around ones house. But, I was so excited about her seeing her first Bublé concert, I wanted to check in with her......

So, I left a message on "chat" and later during the day, she came on with such enthusiasm about how "great" the concert was.

Monday morning, I logged onto chat on Martini.... and she and a friend who had seen the concert in Jacksonville were on. I was so excited to ask them about the concert, firsthand. This is what I received back from both of them..... I want to first say... these people are not prudes... One is a young gal, who is very into music and the other is an older gentleman, who has great respect and knowledge of music.

What struck both of them.... was Michael's use of profanity.... I moved back in my chair and thought to myself.... "yeah... that had bothered me at Staples"...... First.... there are kids in the audience....... Sidebar.... "Michael.. if you don't want kids there.... make it an adult show".... second... I don't "get it".... what is the need to use words that so many might find disturbing and a disruption to what is supposed to be a great evening?"

I suppose I go back to a question I've asked a few times...... How much is enough?..... How many fans are enough?.... How big a venue is enough?..... How much of the world do you need? OK.. I've expanded my thoughts... but ultimately... 'WHY?' What is the need for bad language and to bring the "water" down a few levels? You can see these kind of antics at almost any concert today.... But, "THIS" concert has always had class.

See... we get the audience, we deserve.... They probably will yell much louder than most, but your beautiful, gifted voice won't be heard.

I suppose if you want to be a "Rock Star" this is where "it's at"...... But, YOU can't be heard. I found myself at Staples.... straining to hear you "SING"...

I would think you'd want to be "heard" and your music be taken seriously.... maybe not what you're looking for now... maybe, it's not about that anymore... hmmmm something to think about.


Okay, first of all, michael has no conltol over who buys the tikects to his shows. When I went to see him, he did swair, but really, come on now....
He is much, and I mean soooo much more cleaner then say Lady Gaga. Yes, I don't think there should be young kids ther, like say four, or five. But again, like I have already said, he can't control who comes and who doesn't. Yes, if he wanted to put an age limit for his shows, then the problum of little kids being there would be taken care of. But, guys, this really is pointless. If you don't like the way he does his shows, then maby you should not go to see him anymore.[/color [color="#0000FF"]I wasn't bothered by the swairing, but everyone has there own thoughts. I looooooooooooooove michael, and unless he does something dumb, I wil pay anything to go see him over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over agin!!!

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 02:20 PM


I think its a shame that this is being made the focus of Michael's performances, not just by this post but by a few others recently.

I completely understand that some people do not like the use of "bad" language, but unless this particular show was any different to ones I've seen, the "profanity" really wasn't that bad, in my opinion. Yes, ok, there were gestures, and a couple of jokes which were a little "risque", but its not like he swears his way thru the show.

What I find more disturbing is that there are little kids in the audience in the first place. Im not talking 12 or 14 year olds, I mean five year olds!! I get that kids like Michael's music, my four year old loves it, but there is NO WAY I would take him to an arena show. Its too dark, too loud there are too many people, the risk of them being separated, I just dont feel any arena show, is the place for very young kids. I honestly think people take young kids, for one reason only, to gain Michael's attention. Again, my personal opinion only. So, in this respect, I feel any arena show should be adults, or at young adults only.

I also feel it is unfair, that it is insinuated that these "arena shows", are somehow less "worthy", that they attract people who dont take his music "Seriously". Sure, some people are louder, more vocal, but the vast majority are there to see Michael, because they appreciate his talent, his voice, his performance, otherwise they wouldnt pay!! Larger audiences are capable of being silent and REALLY listening to his voice,I've experienced it. And, I mean complete silence.

Michael's success may not make everyone happy, his shows have changed, his audience has changed, he is singing songs which, some feel are too far away from what made him successful to begin with.

Has HE really changed, or is it just that now he has more "freedom" to be himself than he did before??????

Something else to think about!!


Well said! respect!

Michael has not changed, his populairity did. His fanbase has grown really fast. That's why he can't perform in smaller venues (where the sound is much better) anymore as he did before.
I think that's too bad too, but we still do have the chance to see him and i'm thankfull for that, even if he has to perform in soccerarena's

About the kids; i agree with what Gill says. You're not making them happy to take your little kids to a show like that. they might sing along with some songs, but it's an 2 hour show, they get bored really fast and it's just too late for them, they should be in bed at that time. i think it's quite egoistic to take them to a show.

There are many people who might never get the chance to see him perform a show.
I'm sorry to hear that people are dissapointed, but why should they ruin it (by writing such bad reviews) for the people who do have that chance and who look so much forward to their Michael Bublé moment?
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